Sergey Lazarev distracting beauty of the “Eurovision”

Сергея Лазарева отвлекают красотки на «Евровидении»
Russian singer couldn’t resist the beauty contestants from Azerbaijan.

Сергея Лазарева отвлекают красотки на «Евровидении»

Samri, Rahimli

Photo: @Instagram samra_rahimli

it became known, Sergey Lazarev seriously interested in one of the contestants of “Eurovision”.
It was a 21-year-old representative of Azerbaijan — Samra, Rahimli. Sergey
the company holds a beauty all its free from rehearsals time and even
made happy Samra exclusive gift — personalized bracelet. Rahimli gift
was very pleased and thanked Lazarev kiss.

That between Sergei and young
the singer struck up a close friendship, became known recently.
Moreover, rumor has it that the couple has already agreed to meet at the end
competition in a more relaxed atmosphere. However, Samra is not the only one
managed to ascribe an affair with Sergei.

The representative of Macedonia — singer Kaliopi also managed to get to the list of love interests Lazarev. With her Russian artist known for a long time. After a small walk around Stockholm, Sergey has shared with their fans the joy of meeting with Macedonian singer. “There are people with whom you from the first meeting feel a close bond! Kaliopi is that man! It was nice to meet again already here in Stockholm!” — Sergey wrote on his microblog. And Kaliopi in turn, said that Lazarev from the first meeting, won her heart. However, fans of Sergei remains only hopes, that a large number of beautiful girls-contestants not too distract him from preparing for the performance.

Recall that the first rehearsal room in the arena “Ericsson globe” in Stockholm ended with the fall of the Russian singer. Lazarev could not resist the scenery meter height and fell. Fortunately, Sergey has not received any serious damages.

Sergey Lazarev and singer Kaliopi

Photo: @Instagram lazarevsergey Sergey Lazarev

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