Contestant of “the Bachelor” Tatiana Shmeleva: “I Have no rivals”

Участница «Холостяка» Татьяна Шмелева: «У меня нет соперниц» Pretender to the heart of Alexey Vorobyov explained why the project apart from the competition. Tatiana Shmeleva did not hide from Alexis that she has had relationships with women.

      Участница «Холостяка» Татьяна Шмелева: «У меня нет соперниц»

      Participant of the new season of “the Bachelor” on TNT Tatiana Shmeleva immediately remembered by many viewers after the first series. In the first place, attracted the attention of her straightness. Unlike the other girls who tried is quite correct to Express his opinion, Tatyana did not hide their point of view, even though often it was pretty hard on rivals. “StarHit” decided to talk with a participant of the fourth season of “the Bachelor” and find out why she finds herself outside of competition and most girls makes her strong dislike.

      Tatyana, what is the first thought came to your mind once you learned that will fight for the heart of Alexey Vorobyov?
      Участница «Холостяка» Татьяна Шмелева: «У меня нет соперниц» When we with all the girls just sat there in the limo, I looked through the window and saw a tall handsome young man. I immediately thought it was Alexey Vorobyov, but I was unable to figure out whether it actually is. I sat and argued with the girls, not verif that it was him. Go out – and it really sparrows. I was very surprised. I have associated with it one vivid memory from my childhood. He starred in the clip, where was the role of a fireman and rescued the kitten. I don’t remember what song, but that’s exactly the way such a strong and courageous men I have left. Then I have not followed his work, but still heard his song “Crazy”. And I must say, I find it very annoying. —
      What is your opinion about Alexei when he met with him personally?
      Участница «Холостяка» Татьяна Шмелева: «У меня нет соперниц» I always thought that he was a womanizer. But when I got to know him, the biggest surprise for me was the fact that it is very simple and easy to communicate. We have on the individual date it so happened that there was only one camera. That is, with a camera crew, and this camera didn’t even register the sound. And I think that this is the most sincere a date until there was not a single girl. It was just me, him and the rain. Now I understand that you would like to relive it. —
      What special needs to see in you Alex to fall in love?
      Участница «Холостяка» Татьяна Шмелева: «У меня нет соперниц» I believe that in the first place, she must be a friend. Must be nice to just communicate and not just to bed or something. I think the girl should be nice as a person. I think that personally I can really become a friend. In my opinion, smart men appreciate when a girl can have a nice chat.
      Участница «Холостяка» Татьяна Шмелева: «У меня нет соперниц»
      Alex you admitted that you had relationships with women. Did “the bachelor” to convince you that you made a choice in favour of men?
      Участница «Холостяка» Татьяна Шмелева: «У меня нет соперниц» Actually all is not as it may seem at first glance. Yes, this happened to me, but already I prefer men. —
      Nevertheless, some of the connection with the women you condemn. How do you perceive it?
      Участница «Холостяка» Татьяна Шмелева: «У меня нет соперниц» I try not to pay attention to insulting words in the address, because I understand – all this passing and passing. People usually are reviled for two reasons – envy, that they may not be so special, either from stupidity, after all, not an intelligent person starts to judge and condemn, not knowing just how really are. —
      Who do you consider their primary rival?
      Участница «Холостяка» Татьяна Шмелева: «У меня нет соперниц» I have no competitors, but the girls have! Am I the only one, exclusive and therefore I feel comfortable. —
      This self-confidence gives you hope to become the winner of the project?
      Участница «Холостяка» Татьяна Шмелева: «У меня нет соперниц» For me the main thing not victory, and participation. Furthermore, I understand that when the project is over, it is not known who will remain in his head. And not the fact that it will be the winner.
      Участница «Холостяка» Татьяна Шмелева: «У меня нет соперниц»
      Now you all live under the same roof, seeing each other practically all day. What is the atmosphere at Villa?
      Участница «Холостяка» Татьяна Шмелева: «У меня нет соперниц» We, of course, women’s team and basically we are limited only to those that swim in the pool and talking with Alex. We have no Villa, no music, no movies, no Internet, of course, there is emotional pressure. But I can say, no matter what, we have fun. And with the stress of coping itself. —
      And what helps you to feel comfortable?
      Участница «Холостяка» Татьяна Шмелева: «У меня нет соперниц» Maybe because in normal life I don’t talk much, and closed the space I now on hand, and I feel comfortable. Glad that we all live in different rooms, so who wants to chat – makes it, who doesn’t, he sits alone. We have the sea, the pool, the girls try to tan. —
      Have you encountered any conflicts with other participants?
      Участница «Холостяка» Татьяна Шмелева: «У меня нет соперниц» I don’t like Masha, Natasha and Dasha – these three persons. Masha I generally causes the desire in the head to smack her. Natasha Martynova – visually, very nice, I’m not arguing, but it’s just not important. Besides the beauty, Natasha doesn’t have anything – no sense of humor, no mind, no personality, no charisma. Moreover, she is so missing the brain that being with her is simply impossible. —
      In the second series, when Allah decided to reveal Alex, as she thought, the truth concerning Mary, you decided to support her and followed her. Can you say that you became friends?
      Участница «Холостяка» Татьяна Шмелева: «У меня нет соперниц» I found a common language with Alla, but then very disappointed in this man. I told her that she’s very young, stupid and naive. Do not understand such people. And in that moment I wanted to support it. Alla was in such a state that her hands were trembling, she was sick. Everyone else stood by and did nothing, and I only went to see what was going on and how she feels.

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