Elena Temnikova have angrily denied suspicions in the plastic

Елена Темникова с гневом опровергла подозрения в пластике The singer claims that she and all her. Elena Temnikova in the microblog has promised to send in the ban of all who allow themselves to doubt her natural beauty.

      Елена Темникова с гневом опровергла подозрения в пластике

      It’s no secret that many celebrities resort to plastic surgeons wanting to improve what they have from nature. Knowing this, the public often meticulously applies to the appearance of celebrities, trying to see in their faces traces of the work of professionals. Under the hot hand of citizens, eager to reveal other people’s secrets, however, sometimes get those celebrities whose natural beauty does not require interventions from outside.

      For example, the spiteful critics often accuse in improving the appearance of the singer Elena Temnikova. She has repeatedly attributed rhinoplasty, has been accused of lip augmentation. The actress recently angrily denied all these suspicions, calling them baseless and promising to send to ban everyone who will once again make a supposition on the subject of her love for plastic. “Inflated lip. Made nose. Eyelash bottom eyelash. And tattooed eyebrows salute you – wrote Elena Temnikova in the microblog. So, haters, scroll the tape forward. I never did anything. Nor lips. nor nose didn’t break. And if I do that, it would be my choice. If something breaks, sorry. The unsubscribe button is. And the most important thing is in life you need to create, to work, to call my parents more often… And not to waste my life on empty. Get busy”.

      After reading this post, fans of the singer immediately began to crumble in compliments about her natural beauty. “In my opinion, there is clearly a natural! Girls who wrote this in the address Lena, obviously forgot about the naturalness! Yes! It happens in our time and such a beautiful, natural face of nature,” Lena, do not pay attention to these fellows, they are not worth your nerves. You sweet, gentle and beautiful! FIE on them!”, – supported Another of her loyal fans. Although many of them agreed that the star recently much prettier, became more gentle and feminine. There is no doubt that all these changes happened with Elena due to her happy motherhood.

      We will remind, the singer first became a mother a year ago. March 27, she gave birth to a daughter Sashenka in the suburban hospital “Lapino”. The baby was born in the presence of his father Dmitri Sergeyev.

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