Коллекция косметики от Ким Кардашьян и ее визажиста: стали известны основные продукты

Коллекция косметики от Ким Кардашьян и ее визажиста: стали известны основные продукты

Last week Kim Kardashian told its subscribers in Instagram that she shared with her makeup artist decided to release a collection of decorative cosmetics. However, that will be included in the makeup of future beauties that were unknown. Kim with Mario Dedivanovic has been working effectively for 11 years and the man admitted that it was the blogger at the moment is his Muse. Most likely this is why their collection of cosmetics called The Artist & the Muse Collection.

Until yesterday, nobody told me what products will be included in their collaboration. On the official page in Instagram on 19 November, there were pictures of cosmetics, with basic products. Makeup for lips can be done with three items: a matte lipstick (just peachy tint), brown pencil and the usual Shine. Lips in the representation of celebrity should be natural. Also on the page, you can find 10 natural shades of eyeshadow, they are presented in shiny and matte versions. And of course blush, in single color.

On the official page of photography of cosmetics was signed in narrative form. The page administrator said that all the shades were selected to be able to reach the largest number of them a variety of looks. For each woman, the colors will play different, emphasizing individuality.

To buy cosmetics will of any person on the planet, the start of sales will begin this Friday November 22. While prices for cosmetics are not specified, but apparently, it will be cost affordable to the middle class population. Previous makeup collection from Kim Kardashian has become quite popular and enjoyed success with women.

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