Рита Дакота рассказала всю правду про “Фабрику звезд”

Рита Дакота рассказала всю правду про “Фабрику звезд”

In 2007 after participating in the project “star Factory 7” Rita Dakota became a famous singer all over the country. Since it’s been 12 years and Rita very rarely remembers those days at the factory. However, recently she took part in the filming of the show “Saskarne history”, there is a tendency in interviews to tell their most embarrassing or ridiculous stories from life, and then Dakota remembered the nights on the legendary TV show.

First and foremost, the celebrity spoke about the house in which lived together all participants of the project. In this house everything was fake, even the flowers, which were also artificial, but the participants were forced to water them, pretending that everything is alive and beautiful. The furniture was bought, the cheapest, so in the night when the party just rolled over in her sleep on the bed, it could collapse under his weight.

Rita also said that being on “star Factory”, they were paid the minimum fees for which you could buy only the cheapest food. Most often it was soy meat and frozen mixture of rice with corn and pepper. Since the Dakota is no longer eating the “nasty” mix, it makes her gag reflex.

After participating in the show “Factory” all project participants were required to go on tour on cities of Russia, and Rita, including. The organizers of this tour is very saved in the artists. Not only that, each received only $ 70 for a concert, and they slept in the worst hotels. Rita told a story that put everyone present in shock. Once they arrived at some town where there were places in the hotel to accommodate all artists. Administrators made the decision to settle them for the night in a psychiatric hospital. All patients at the time moved to the right wing, and fabricates to the left. But they forgot to consider one thing — the toilet was still shared. Therefore, the participants of the show and the crazies crossed periodically in the corridor.

Another terrible night waiting for artists in the basement of a grocery store where there was nothing for a normal existence. Even the soul and that was not there, but to swim as it was necessary. The organizers of the show brought the old cooler and made a hole in it, turned out the design as before there was a wash basin in the village. One of the participants of the show had a penchant for physical Sciences and he calculated how much time must bathe each of them to water enough at all. Came just 40 seconds each. So the current celebrity lived a few days.

Rita Dakota participated in the seventh season of “American idol”, at that time the producer of the show was Konstantin Meladze. This project gave Rita her first husband, Vlad Sokolovsky, who was also with her on tour in cities of Russia. However, the couple divorced last year due to infidelity on the part of Vlad. Relationship pair started immediately, but only after a few years, after the closing of the show. They have a child MIA, despite the divorce, the former spouses are in perfect friendship.

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