Наталья Ветлицкая возвращается на сцену после длительного перерыва в карьере

Наталья Ветлицкая возвращается на сцену после длительного перерыва в карьере

Rumors that the 55-year-old singer Natalia Vetlitskaya wants to return to the scene went back in the spring of 2019. As it turned out now, it’s really true. The singer returned to Russia from Spain where she wanted to live on a permanent basis. In Europe, the Natalia left in 2004, after her daughter was born.

As representatives of the singer, they have already signed a contract with a big production company and are prepared for productive work. Vetlitskaya will continue his career in 2020, appearing on tour with a new album, which will contain the new hits and most popular songs from the past.

Like all popular modern celebrity, Natalia created a official page in Instagram. And she already has a lot of fans, their number has exceeded 7,000 subscribers. The first post she published to the Studio where she is recording new hits with Yuri Usachev.

The insider admitted that the singer began work with a strong professional team. Dmitry Ashman will be responsible for first solo album and the sound recording, and Boris Barabanov — known critic, took over PR in social networks and media in General. At the end of November, we will be able first to see new Natalya Vetlitskaya. She stated that the first song is completely ready to go and waiting for his moment of glory.

Friends and colleagues have decided to support women in this difficult matter. For example, best friend, Natalia, Olga Slutsker has dedicated a whole post on your page. The owner of the fitness network told all the singer’s fans that Natalia practically sleeping in the Studio, endlessly meets with experts of the sphere of show business and tries not to react to Intrusive journalists who haunt her.

Also, a friend was reminiscing and told his followers about how she met the singer in 1990. It turns out they have something to remember, because girlfriend we had been together and in positive moments of life, and not. In their collection of stories is kept even a shootout in which they participated. Olga thanked Natalia for what she introduced her personally with almost all stars of Russia down to Alla Pugacheva.

Slutsker also said that he studied the work and professionalism from his girlfriend. Vetlitskaya, judging by the stories, really knows how to make friends, after all, helped and supported his friend throughout life. Olga admitted that to thank Natalia could only now. And her gratitude is to return the singer’s Home. It became the reason of return to a career, not one year a woman was trying to convey that Vetlitskaya have to be on stage and to bring happiness to others.

The post Olga appeared very sincere and genuine. This revelation responded to many of the stars of Russia and supported a businesswoman.

And stylist Natalia Vadim Galaganov decided to share a photo of the singer in a new way. And everyone was so pleased Vetlitskaya with a new image that some have begun to compare it with Hollywood Actresses.

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