Colleagues of the deceased Oleg Yakovlev commented on his secret marriage

Коллеги скончавшегося Олега Яковлева прокомментировали его тайную женитьбу
Alexander Kutsevol fighting for the legacy of the former soloist “ivanushek”.

Oleg Yakovlev and Alexander Kutsevol


Around legacy of Oleg Yakovlev, who died June 29 of last year, continue to rage serious passions. Recently Alexander Kutsevol announced its intention to fight for the right to participate in the sharing out of the fortunes of the former soloist “ivanushek”. The girl lived for many years with the singer, as previously reported, in a civil marriage. But now it turns out that the marriage was official.

Kutsevol provided documents that five years ago got married with Oleg abroad. A relative of the singer is the niece of Irkutsk doubt the authenticity of the document and has sent a request for verification to the Consulate of Serbia, where allegedly passed registration. It is noteworthy that in his interview with Yakovlev never talked about his marriage. Your friends the actor also didn’t mention it. At the same time, colleagues don’t exclude that it might play a secret wedding.

“Oleg didn’t have to tell us. It was all a secretive guy,” said recently, Andrey Grigoriev-Apollo.

Meanwhile, the relatives insist that the names of Kutsevol was not in any version of the will Yakovleva. Documents were few. As reported, Oleg was somewhat suspicious: long before his illness he made a will, and then, within a few years, made changes to it. Now, Alexander continues to live in the apartment of the singer on Derbenevskaya embankment, the cost of which is estimated at 50 million rubles. Recently, as reported by in this apartment settled and even relatives Kutsevol.