Secret’s out: daughter Polina Gagarina is growing a copy of my father

Секрет раскрыт: дочка Полины Гагариной растет копией папы
The singer shared the details of his personal life.

Секрет раскрыт: дочка Полины Гагариной растет копией папы

Dmitry Iskhakov with daughter MIA

Photo: @isxakov Instgaram Dmitry Iskhakov

Polina Gagarina with her daughter MIA

Photo: @Instagram gagara1987 Polina Gagarina

Soon the daughter of Polina Gagarina and Dmitry Iskhakov will be one year, and the couple still showed the fans what is their “little miracle”. Pair protects MIA from public attention. At the same time, fans can’t wait to see someone look like babe?

Fans were convinced that she inherited the appearance of his star mother. But Pauline recently admitted that MIA is not her. In conversation with journalists Polina “blabbed” that sees the obvious resemblance of the daughter with the father. “It’s all in dad, mom all “passed”, — said Gagarin in an interview with

MIA is already learning to speak. Not so long ago Polina recorded a touching video with the “conversation” between her and her daughter. The very first word, on assurances of the artist, MIA said when she was only six months. And it was the word “dad” that my husband Gagarina — Dmitry Iskhakov — repeated to her all day. “Dima every day she repeated like a mantra: “I’m the daddy, daddy, daddy,” said Pauline. — So today, my daughter just out of despair uttered this word.”

By the way, Miya — growing traveler. When she was only three months old, the parents took her with him on vacation to the Cote d’azur. And recently, Pauline and Dmitry took the baby to the Maldives.