Близкие Иосифа Кобзона рассказали о его состоянии According to the press Secretary of the artist Varvara Vinogradova, significant deterioration is not observed. Close try not to dwell on the well-being of Joseph Kobzon, although hospital sources say his condition is critical.
Близкие Иосифа Кобзона рассказали о его состоянии

Fans and colleagues Iosif Kobzon few days are seriously concerned about his health. The actor was hospitalized July 20, all this time, he is in serious condition, and recently the health of 80-year-old singer got so bad that he fell into a coma.

Despite the fact that information about health problems was confirmed by sources of journalists in the clinic and a spokesman for Joseph Davidovich, his sister refused to admit it. So, Helena M. stated that he feels Kobzon good. “Joseph Davydovich, all right. He sits next to his wife and drinking coffee. I don’t know who it people rumors to distract. And you write nasty things,” said “StarHit” sister of the singer.

And today in the PR-service of the artist reported, for the latest information on the status of the musician. “There is no change for the worse,” — said Varvara Vinogradova.

Recall that for several years, Joseph Kobzon struggling with cancer. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer. In 2004 he underwent the first operation, in 2009 – the second. Recently, the actor spoke about the difficult struggle with the disease in the program “Let them talk”. “I remember when I was diagnosed, and I was afraid to tell his wife. But Nellie once said that we are going to be treated and everything will be fine. Then there was the surgery in Germany. In General I am opposed to be treated abroad. However, I was then told that if I don’t go to a doctor and undergo treatment, you will die in two weeks. I just didn’t have a choice, and we went to Germany for two months. While there, I thought, can ever again to sing. If not, then life was meaningless. I wanted to go on stage,” — said the artist in the air.

Over the last few months and beaten repeatedly appealed to the doctors. The singer and his relatives argued that there is no need for concern. However, the artist had seen in the famous cancer center on Kashirke, and he has also appealed to the doctors because of heart problems. Joseph Kobzon has always insisted that for the creativity and performances on stage, he will be able to overcome the disease, because he wants as much as possible to delight the audience with their concerts. “I used to work in full force, but I feel that these forces are less,” — bitterly admitted the singer.