Anastasia Kostenko revealed the secret of her pregnancy

Анастасия Костенко раскрыла тайну своей беременности
The wife of Dmitry Tarasov remembered the happy moments.

Anastasia Kostenko

Photo: Instagram

Anastasia Kostenko, who on 10 July for the first time gave birth to
the child, enjoying the pleasures of motherhood. According to 24-year-old model,
now she can not imagine that recently was pregnant.

“Sometimes I look at all the pictures and
don’t believe that was
once the tummy. Even wiggling pinkie and forgotten. Remember that the quickening
felt at exactly 17 weeks. It was 14 Feb at 4 am —
recalls Anastasia. — I was so deeply moved… Icahn daughter remember.
By the way, hiccups
at the same time as
and in the abdomen. The whole pregnancy I said I do not believe that she is pregnant… And now had a baby”.

In addition, Kostenko thanked her husband for their patience and care:
“I would put a monument to the caring men, who with a sober mind and trepidation
help women to cope with hormones during and after
pregnancy! Thank you, dear, again.”

Dmitry Tarasov is currently in Austria with the football club “Lokomotiv”.
However, without assistants model left: the mother of the athlete is near
sister-in-law and can always help with advice.

Tarasov, by the way, was personally present at birth Kostenko. Anastasia
told that her husband was with her throughout the entire process, from
contractions ending with the birth of a girl. The name of the baby yet
advertised. “Beloved, thank you for that in one of the most beautiful
you bravely stood next to me thanked a loved one
Anastasia was forced to walk the corridors of the hospital trying to hasten it
a wonderful and unforgettable event — the birth of our daughter, put my
shoulder, when it was barely tolerable and unpleasant. To me the joy, you’re the best friend
a husband and a father!”