Звезда сериала «Солдаты» скончался от сердечного приступа Sergei Shekhovtsov died July 29, as reported by the representatives of the theater “Contemporary”, where for many years he worked as an artist. During the long years of creative activity the actor has played over a hundred roles in the movie.
Звезда сериала «Солдаты» скончался от сердечного приступа

On the eve of world cinema and theatre lost a famous actor – on 57-m to year of life died Sergey Shekhovtsov. The artist, whose brilliant dramatic roles has caught the fancy of the audience died suddenly during a walk with the dog his heart stopped.

This was reported by representatives of the theater “Contemporary”, where Sergey worked for many years.

“We have a big loss, a real disaster. Just learned of the death of our friend, the actor Sergei Shekhovtsova. Serge started out in the “contemporary-2” almost a boy, after finishing School-Studio of MKHAT. Many years later, one way or another, collaborated with the “Contemporary”. Every role in our performances was very noticeable and incredibly important. Suffice it to recall the last two roles in productions of “Genocide. Village joke” and “don’t be a stranger”. Sergei went easily, walking with his beloved dog. Heart stopped”, — told representatives of the theater.

Sergei Shekhovtsov was known as a performer of dramatic and lyrical roles. Besides theatre, he has worked in the movie. The entire filmography of the actor has more than one hundred roles. However, in feature-length and serial productions, the artist was often inherited episodic role. So, the audience could see the transformation Shekhovtsova in projects such as “Antikiller”, “Soldiers”, “the Boomer”, “Turkish March” and many others.

Colleague Sergei said that he was incredibly kind and sympathetic person, always ready to help friends and loved ones.

“It is intolerable to know that he is no more – beautiful, young, warm, cheerful and very talented person. It’s hard to imagine now, Masha, Alex and Elisha – his wife and sons. You know, we are close, we are with you. The bright memory of Sergei Avdeyev, Sergei, Seryozhenka,” — said representatives of the theater “Contemporary”.

Later it became known that the parting with Sergey will be held in the theater “Contemporary” on July 31. Bury the star in a small country, namely in the village of Kuban Calm.

In 2018 with the participation of Sergey, the screens should go as many as five projects. It is unknown whether managed actor to work on films and TV series. Anyway, the fans are sure that the memory of Shehovtsova will long live in the hearts of the audience thanks to its bright and unique works.