Close Marilyn Kerro worried for her psychological state

Близкие Мэрилин Керро переживают за ее психологическое состояние Danis, Grinstein talked about the fact that you have to experience a psychic while filming. Review <url> for the third time became a member of the popular program. However, the friends suggest that she might leave the project halfway at will.

      Близкие Мэрилин Керро переживают за ее психологическое состояние

      Estonian witch Marilyn Kerro first appeared on television as a participant of “Battle of psychics” 14 season. Then the girl reached the finals, but first place went to Alexander Sheps, which until recently tied her romantic relationship. Last year a red-haired witch decided to try their luck on the program, but again from the cherished crystal her hands were separated by only a few percent of audience votes. In the 17th season of kerro again fighting for victory as the thirteenth participant of the popular project.

      Why Marilyn Kerro returned in the “Battle of psychics”

      Despite the fact that a girl takes all their psychic abilities and confidently passes the test, close friends are very worried about her moral status. Buddy Marilyn Danis, Grinstein, who was with her on the project is in its 14th season, has said that the shooting of “the battle of psychics” are exhausting, and he fears for the condition of a friend.

      “Three times to go through this psychologically and physically difficult. Mary the third time came in the show “inhale”, and I wish her soon to exhale, which did not happen in the 16th “Battle”. I’m afraid of her disappointment – soldiers can not disappoint… They are like oaks – their branches do not bend, like the willow, and immediately break down. No, not testing her break – she’s a Pro. You need to fear the petty Backbiters: other psychics perceive it in bayonets Mary strong opponent, so for her to say bad things, spread rumors,” – said Danis.

      The man told me that many tests that are psychics, don’t get on the air. According to Glickstein, the producers selected only the most interesting moments of the shooting. Danis admitted that he supported Marilyn in her quest to participate in the new season, but now it seems that she will soon leave the project.

      “Now, a year later, I have a feeling that maybe she is halfway in the race – on their own. She was never interested in money, she lives the stuff. And many psychics are there for fame and money, then to write books and for a lot of money to take”,- said Grinstein in an interview with Woman’s Day.