The fourth wife of Dmitry Krylov has explained why they have no common children

Четвертая жена Дмитрия Крылова объяснила, почему у них нет общих детей Tatyana Barinov has told about life together with the presenter. According to the woman, they with Dimitri long accustomed to each other when I moved to a country house. Spouse Krylova told about the reasons that prevent her to become a mother again.

      Четвертая жена Дмитрия Крылова объяснила, почему у них нет общих детей

      PM new program “Alone with all” became a TV presenter Dmitry Krylov, remembered by the audience on the program “bad egg notes”. The famous traveler told Julia Menshovoj about his new projects and about his personal life. At the moment Dmitry happily married to Tatiana Barinova, who works as an editor and producer of the transfer.

      According to Krylov, his fourth wife first saw the host, on TV, and then set a goal to meet him in person. “She decided to track me down. I was sitting in the control room, which was never. Suddenly the bell rang. She somehow got to me. So everything came together”, – said Dmitry.

      They started Dating just like that, explaining that experienced a certain curiosity when communicating with each other. Gradually this relationship developed into a serious relationship. They have long lived in different apartments: Dmitry in Moscow – room apartment near the television center “Ostankino”, and Tatiana – in Novogireevo. They are not embarrassed that their relationship is called a guest marriage.

      “We lived apart for several years. People need to observe a certain physical distance, so now at home we sleep in separate bedrooms in the trips take different numbers. Because when you live and work together, too many turns. Each person should have its own independent territory,” – said Krylov.
      Четвертая жена Дмитрия Крылова объяснила, почему у них нет общих детей

      However, during the quarrels of the spouses can go weeks without communicating. Tatiana notes that there are two different Dmitry: one is wonderful and kind, and the second person very difficult. “Reconciliation usually I go, at least in 90% of cases. When there is a situation that the house is built, and now we have to move and live under a common roof, I was very afraid. I have such a fear did this step. And the first two or three years were difficult,” – said Tatiana.

      Wife Krylov explained why a few years of married life they did not dare to have a child. The woman noted that there were objective reasons.

      “Started such an interesting, turbulent life, with monthly visits, she was pressing it. A child is, of course, the greatest joy, the quality of the marriage goes to another level when he is. We have not happened.”

      Krylov also regrets that they have not given birth to an heir. Leading a son, Dmitri, from a previous relationship, and Tatiana have a child who is working with them on TV.