Алена Кравец поведала о страшной жизни после развода с миллионером Former singer’s husband beat her in front of their total nine-year-old daughter. Alena Kravets longs to ex-husband punished for their actions. However, he did not plead guilty, because found in the house of a stranger man.

      Алена Кравец поведала о страшной жизни после развода с миллионером

      Recently, the entire Internet had spread the news that the singer and model Alena Kravets beat ex-husband is a millionaire Ruslan in the face of their common daughter. The woman did not hide this fact and published a photo showing a bruise on her face.

      In 2010, Alena and Ruslan decided to leave after nine years of marriage. Despite the divorce, the man completely kept his ex-wife and a charming daughter Danielle. Also he left at the disposal of the ex-wife a mansion on the ruble value of 750 million rubles. Instead, he demanded that the house was never her Boyfriends. Singer said in the program “Let them talk” that her ex-husband still suffers from insane jealousy and even asks the daughter about the relationship of the mother with other men.

      Now Alena is trying to get justice and wants to stop living in fear for their own lives and health.

      “I don’t need his apology, I want him punished,” said Kravets.

      Alena told about the ill-fated Saturday night, when she was the victim of a jealous ex-spouse. “He came to spend time with the child. I felt that he drank. The daughter came downstairs, I was dressed, were about to leave. He began to cry and say that I’m not going anywhere, grabbed me by the hand. I fell to the floor, hit his head, he began to shake me, I escaped, and then it hit me, my nose was bleeding. I ran away, tried to close the bedroom. I wanted to go to the hospital to be examined. He hid the phone, and only the next day, called my sister and neighbor Olga took me to the hospital,” recalled the singer.

      Алена Кравец поведала о страшной жизни после развода с миллионером

      A young woman told me that that night she was going to the event with his friend-photographer. According to the woman, the man was just waiting for her, however, Ruslan Kravets claims that he caught the man half-naked.

      “He showed me that he is a lover, he sleeps here, the shirt he had unbuttoned to the navel. Was dressed at home, as if almost settled there. First, it was a skirmish, Allen began to stand up for him. Once dismissed, she stood on his feet, and I left, did not understand. Don’t feel the need to apologize, it is not necessary in front of the child to make such a porn scene,” explained his action by Ruslan Kravets.
      Алена Кравец поведала о страшной жизни после развода с миллионером

      Invited in Studio “Let speak” the experts were quick to share his point of view regarding the incident. Many decided that the ex-spouse simply harassing a young woman a jealous and advised her to go to the end, trying to prove his guilt.

      Ruslan confirmed that he brought her into show business and do everything to his beloved woman became a singer. “I understood what the show business. She loves people, some facet of it passed in dealing with the opposite sex. And for men it is difficult to stop. She came to some texts, meetings in the evenings, I philosophically feel this way, thought it part of the profession,” recalled Kravets.

      Numerous girlfriends have left Kravets without support. They came to the Studio to talk about how wise and grown up their friend.

      “No millions not more than life, – says Anna Kalashnikova. And what happened with Allen, it’s scary, because I know other stories, when they are gone, there was no man. And then he was suffering, that deprived the child of the mother.”