Ludmila Ivanova was in the hospital

Людмила Иванова попала в больницу People’s artist hospitalized in one of clinics of Moscow. Lyudmila Ivanova said that a full examination will have tomorrow. Fans and colleagues hope that soon the favorite of millions are discharged from the hospital.

      Людмила Иванова попала в больницу

      Famous Soviet and Russian actress Lyudmila Ivanova excited all her fans a message about that. She was in the hospital. Today the woman was taken to a clinic in Moscow “Ambulance”. However, as she says people’s artist, her health is out of danger. It was found that the health impact of old diseases.

      “I just now taken – aggravated my old sores. I’m in the hospital No. 13, where tomorrow the doctors will go for my examination,” said the actress in an interview with reporters.

      Many fans and colleagues wish 83-year-old actress a speedy recovery. According to the publication RIA Novosti, on Friday, doctors examined the actress.

      Lyudmila Ivanova is widely known in the world of cinema thanks to a brilliant and vivid game roles. The actress appeared in a widely known and loved by millions films as “Office romance”, “the Most charming and attractive”, “the adventures of Petrov and Vasechkina, ordinary and improbable” and many others.

      Also more than half a century, the actress has worked for more than 50 years. Despite the fact that the actress is now retired, she still tries to take an active part in public life.

      “I run “off the Cuff”. I also have children’s Studio of aesthetic education, – told Lyudmila “StarHit”. The husband was a doctor of physico-mathematical Sciences, received a penny, so I’m used to work and live on their money. However, my husband was very smart. For me it is the most important quality in a man.

      Ludmila Ivanova: “Volchek told me not to smoke”

      Also Ivanov is trying to maintain contact with his colleagues and always knows he can count on their help. “Gaft love. I can call him even at 11 PM. He reads me his poetry and epigrams. By the way, many funny stories happened. There was this artist Valia Nikulin, who served in the “contemporary” for 45 years. So on the road it settled, along with another valley – Gaft. Nikulin all the time people walked, came in drunk at night. And Gaft is not used, doing sports,” – said Lyudmila Ivanovna.