Близкую подругу Анны Семенович арестовали за дачу взятки Anna Timohina detained in St. Petersburg. The young woman tried to hand over the official ten thousand dollars for the criminal case against ex-husband. Socialite is a close friend of Anna Semenovich and even played a role in one of her videos.
Близкую подругу Анны Семенович арестовали за дачу взятки

Close friend of Ani Semenovich Anna Timohina detained in St. Petersburg for trying to bribe the detective of the Investigative Committee. According to media reports, the young woman had intended to pursue a criminal case against her husband. 43-year-old socialite was detained for two months.

Timokhina already had been fighting with her ex-husband, businessman Alexander by Timohina for its financial assets. The man is the co-owner of Bank “Zauber” and several large corporations in the cultural capital.

About close and friendly relations between S. and Timokhina, it became known in the summer of 2017. Then the singer filmed the video for the song “I wanna be with you”, and invited one of the main roles socialite. A little later, the artist has devoted such a significant event Instagram post, calling Anna a friend.

“Post pictures of funny moments from filming, I’m sure all these things you saw in the video, and if you haven’t found them, look again. Of course, I again with all his great soul I want to thank the insanely talented Director of the clip Alexey Vorobyov, my friend and makeup artist, and beauty and the competitor Anya Timohina”, – wrote the mayor.

As it turned out, at the time of filming the video Timokhina has led the fight for the impressive state of the husband. Apparently, the young woman couldn’t achieve by honest means, so I decided to resort to bribery.

The detention of Anna occurred on April 27 under paragraph “B” of the fourth paragraph of article 291 of the criminal code. At this point, the socialite is set in a women’s prison on the Arsenalnaya street.

It is known that Anne and her former husband Alexander have two teenage children. The heirs couple living in London. In the UK former beloved also suing, but this time for custody.

Timokhina itself has not commented on his arrest. According to the information portal “Fontanka”, after the divorce she was supposed to get about $ 15 million from the state of her husband. Apparently, this amount young woman was not enough, and so she decided to get more serious payoffs by breaking the law.