Gobozov demonstrate this to fans of the incredible weight-loss results

Гобозов продемострировал поклонникам невероятные результаты похудения A man does not get tired to show toned body. Alexander Gobozov managed to lose serious weight in a short period of time. However, while he does not want to talk about specific ways so instant weight loss.
Гобозов продемострировал поклонникам невероятные результаты похудения

For several months, Alexander Gobozov is on the project “Dom-2”. The man once again returned to the clearing to find his love. During this time he managed not only to change a few girls, but also considerably to lose weight. Instagram member of the popular show often puts photos of her transformed body.

Fans never tire of noting that Alexander has changed for the better. According to them, the man now will be able to find a mate.

“Thinner and prettier. Now photo give 18 years and not more than”, “So handsome, just no words! Now for the “Dom-2″ go for Gobozova”, “Tell me how did you lose weight? Also I also want to lose weight quickly”, – shared his impressions of fans Gobozova.

Alexander literally lose weight live. He often posted the intermediate results of the experiment with your body, as well as demonstrating the results of the diet during the filming of “House-2”.

Despite intense interest from the fans, Gobozov prefers not to publicize the details of a phenomenal transformation. According to fans, he sat on a strict diet and exercise. One of the last pictures of Alexander boasted naked body, demonstrating not only the lack of extra pounds, but also a great press.

Precise, Alexander now happily in a relationship with Olga Zharikova. Pretty girl with long sought attention Gobozova and did not despair even when he rudely refused her. In the opinion of the subscribers are men, it is a new novel helped him to lose weight. According to rough estimates of the fans, participant of the TV project dropped at least 15 pounds, and just a couple of months.

Gobozov himself never tires of pointing out that he is glad to return to the “House-2”. Outside the perimeter he had left a young son, which gave birth to Aliana Ustinenko. Previously, former spouses is strongly argued, and sometimes even conflicts ended in physical abuse. However, after the final separation, they managed to keep a friendly relationship for the sake of the total child.

Fans of Alexander I hope he doesn’t stop there. Now Gobozov began to work to change the image. He often chooses things restrained in the classical style, which emphasize the changes that happened to his body. It is possible that soon the star of “House-2” will change beyond recognition, all for the sake of new love.