Ольга Рапунцель раскрыла имя новорожденной дочери A young woman accidentally let slip a family secret. Olga Rapunzel dedicated post baby, having written many tender words in her address. However, fans immediately assumed that the message is encrypted the name of the girl.
Ольга Рапунцель раскрыла имя новорожденной дочери

Less than a month ago, Olga Rapunzel and Dmitry Dmitrenko first became parents. A young woman gave birth to live, which caused a mixed reaction among her fans. Many fans of “House-2” were convinced that the star project will actively share all the details related with the life of a newborn baby but the new mother unexpectedly showed stealth. She’s still not showing the baby’s face and calls her name.

However, one of the last posts Rapunzel has caused an unprecedented interest among her fans. According to fans, they were able to decipher the name of the newborn girl.

“My baby, my Love is the most precious baby girl, you are my sense of home, I love you so, be the happiest,” wrote a young woman.

Fans of Olga then suggested that in signing the encrypted name of the girl, because the word “Love” was capitalized. Moreover, Rapunzel increasingly began to use the hashtag “#Lubovina”.

Soon the hypothesis was confirmed, fans and Dmitri Dmitrenko. A new father has also decided to dedicate a post to his daughter, repeating the wife’s focus with the word “Love.”

“We love you, our Love. My daughter and I wish everyone a good night. To sleep next to her in an embrace is for me the best sleep of my life,” said Dimitrenko.

Fans of the notorious couple were quick to praise them for choosing a name for the baby. “Love sounds very nice. You fellows”, “How to call the baby? Why do the secret after giving birth live” “Love is the name? In combination with a surname and a patronymic will sound good”, – shared their views subscribers Dimitrenko.

Earlier, her mother Olga told me that her daughter like the name Milan, and it’s the one she could choose for a future baby. But Rapunzel had preferred not to reveal the secret, even with loved ones.

Pregnancy stars “House-2” was difficult. A few months later after the announcement of an interesting position Rapunzel said that her husband beat her constantly and scandals. After that, she returned to the project, and then Olga came and Dmitry. For the sake of the unborn baby, the couple decided to restore the relationship. Now lovers do not get tired to talk about their feelings. They often devote each other touching posts on Instagram, but still prefer not to show the face of a newborn daughter.