Christina Aguilera – from blonde to redhead

Кристина Агилера – из блондинки в рыжую

Pop Queen hair color changed, and now it is not to know.

35-year-old singer posted in Instagram picture in which she is no longer blonde, and ognivolta vamp.

New hair color Christine, of course, goes, but he is still very unusual – the singer, who has been blonde for a very long time on this picture to learn not so easy, last time she changed hair color for more than 10 years ago. The opinions of subscribers in Instagram Christina were divided – someone mourns the curls of blond, and someone, on the contrary, rejoices and invites the singer to save this new image because it is reminiscent of Jessica rabbit from “Who framed Roger rabbit?”.

Кристина Агилера – из блондинки в рыжую

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