Бритни Спирс: как худеть, не отказывая себе в сладостях

The singer admitted, that can afford a piece of cake after an intense workout.

The audience had almost forgotten how Britney “shone” in short dresses with excess weight, shaved bald, and led antisocial lifestyle.

But the singer took himself in hand, grew hair, lost weight, went to the beautician, and career resumed. Star has consistently created your brand of lingerie and spends his free time with family. For six months, Spears has led itself into such a form that millions of fans started asking her for nutrition tips and workouts!

In an interview with E!, Britney admitted, allowing myself sweets and unhealthy foods, but don’t forget then to “work out” in the gym: “I run a lot, swim a lot and dancing a lot. For example, yesterday danced all night – we had a three hour rehearsal… Tacos, pizza… But sweets I love the most! Especially the ice cream. Biscuits Oreo is the best!”

Indeed, why not allow yourself a slice of cake, when your daily diet consists of healthy meals and you actively train?

By the way, on the days of physical ability Britney Spears shocked the audience! In his “Instagrame” Spears staged a competition with a man. The essence of the dispute was how fast to push-UPS 30 times. Moreover, the victory was not for the sporting man, but for Britney! Fans praised the star, promising at least a career athlete.

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