Крис Браун нарушил решение суда

This court did not foresee. The infamous rapper Chris brown had to disturb the court’s decision on the restraining order his former lover model Carrace Tran. The girl was in front of the stage during a performance of Chris at the ceremony BET Awards.

Recall that the decision came into effect a few weeks ago and will operate over the next five years. Carrucha accused Chris in beatings and threats of physical violence. The girl turned in desperation to law enforcement and the courts, asking for help.

No one had any doubt that so things really are. Chris has long been known as aggressive and not controlling your emotions man. Tran said that he had beat her, but she chose to remain silent about it. I still remember how brown in 2009, was beaten beyond recognition his beloved Rihanna. Then her blue from bruises and abrasions to the face was a clear indication of unbridled nature Chris.
Eyewitnesses claim that immediately after speaking with Gucci Mane, Chris retreated not only from the stage, but with place of performance in General. Otherwise it could delay the police as the perpetrator of the decision of the court and he could face real prison time.