Михаил Задорнов смертельно болен

Sad news for fans of the well-known satirist Mikhail Zadornov. According to insiders, the treatment of brain cancer with which the comedian is struggling more than six months, no results.

Michael now lives in Jurmala, in your own home. Zadornov underwent surgery and several courses of chemotherapy, but the treatment does not bring results. Seeing that recovery does not come, the artist refused further treatment and simply living out their days at home. Instead of droppers and debilitating treatment Michael decided to spend the last days with the family in your Baltic home.

“Misha is fading away. No help came from the European technology nor the luminaries of medicine. All only throw his hands and sighs heavily. Say, did everything in their power” — told reporters the insider.

We will remind that about the disease Zadornov became known last fall, when Michael abruptly canceled a series of concerts in the Far East. Then the satirist laughed it off and kept silent, but eventually admitted that he was diagnosed with cancer.

In November, one of the best German clinics he underwent surgery and in a private clinic in Jurmala – another. Unfortunately, they have not yielded results. Hope for a miracle.