Chosen Jennifer Lopez accused of having an affair with a former lover

Избранника Дженнифер Лопес обвиняют в интрижке с бывшей возлюбленной Ex-girlfriend Alex Rodriguez has promised to release the dirt on him. According to the ex-girlfriend of an athlete, he was in intimate correspondence with it, although I’ve already met Jennifer. The man threatened to spread these messages to the Network and extort money.

A few days do not cease talking about that boyfriend of singer Jennifer Lopez Alex Rodriguez cheated on her or talked with my ex-fiancee. As reported by one foreign tabloid, some girl extorts ex-baseball player New York Yankees 600 thousand dollars for his silence.

According to a friend of Rodriguez, whom he had met some time in 2014, the man continued to correspond with her even after he started a serious relationship with Lopez. According to the media, the ex-fiancee of the athlete repeatedly demanded large sums of money.

Some insiders claim that Alex Rodriguez, whose fortune is estimated at $300 million, rather pay the money to the girl so she would stop bugging them pair. According to other sources, Rodriguez is going to sue ex-lover by presenting her allegations of blackmail and slander. Surrounded by Lopez say that she believes in the innocence of the athlete. In the past Jennifer has also been a victim of such scams. She sued the ex-husband, waiter, Ojani Noah, which compromised her “home video”. The actress lived with a man married about a year (from February 1997 to January 1998).

Recall that Rodriguez often went impartial hearings. It was rumored that his ex-wife Cynthia talked about it a lot of embarrassing facts. She claimed he left her with children to safely frolic with mistresses. The chosen Jennifer Lopez cheated on his wife and neglected children

Jennifer Lopez does not bother past lover. She argues that happy with him. The actress has already introduced him to the children, max and Emma, who were born to married artist Marc Anthony. Friends of the pair claim that the actress is poised and absolutely not jealous of the chosen one to other women.

“Don’t worry about it, told friends of the actress. – She and Alex have known for many years, so Jen know that he’s a ham and loves female attention. It does not exclude a common future, but for now just enjoys his company.”