Sergei Zhukov: “Sometimes I wish I could crack on the head”

Сергей Жуков: «Иногда жаль, что не могу треснуть по башке» The actor said why not normally communicates with the eldest daughter and friends. The soloist of group “Hands up!” answered the awkward questions of “StarHit”. In an interview with a musician, we learned how to build his conversations with the child and why often feels a sense of guilt.
Сергей Жуков: «Иногда жаль, что не могу треснуть по башке»

It’s hard to believe: clip “Student” of the group “Hands Up!” was filmed in the summer of 1997. Since then, the team Zhukov is one of the most popular: so far, the musicians give dozens of concerts in a month, touring around the world. While Sergey is working, at home waiting for his wife Regina and three children – 8-year-old nick, 7-year-old angel and Myron, who in September will mark 3 years. Zhukov also has a 16-year-old daughter, Alexandra, she lives with her mother in America.

“Wife asks for nothing”

Sergey, your eldest daughter is the one who kisses her, says he loves? After all adult already…
Сергей Жуков: «Иногда жаль, что не могу треснуть по башке»Yes, Schulke now the same as it was for us with her mom when we met. About my personal life still aren’t talking. It’s difficult, because she’s ten thousand miles from me. I am naturally worried. But, on the other hand, well aware that she is at an age when even boredom time no.
Often talk on the phone?
Сергей Жуков: «Иногда жаль, что не могу треснуть по башке»Not really. For example, to write to her, and she will answer in two days because she had no time: it is necessary to practice, study… take it quietly. Of course, when I’m in the States, we always meet. Sasha sometimes refuses to go to the concert with me, because you start to learn. Daughter wonders how such a stand. I’m on stage 21 and understand that ordinary people meet in the shop Sergei Zhukov, buying bread is an event. But I want to and I also understand. Walks with children in the Park I can not afford – trampled. But earlier, in the beginning, it was harder – we are seen as a “bro” with a neighboring yard. Now, respectfully: “Sergey, can you take a picture? Daughter loves you very much”. Then I say: “What, Sergey? This once”.
Сергей Жуков: «Иногда жаль, что не могу треснуть по башке»
Wife annoyed that you are attacking the fans?
Сергей Жуков: «Иногда жаль, что не могу треснуть по башке»We do not do this problems. If early in his career, I loved girls, but now I love moms with two or more children. It is another thing for me as a relative. I think Regina is not able to experience negative emotions, she’s a Saint. Wife I’m not asking very educated, sensitive, slim, she’s clearly painted. Remember when we just started Dating, got home the courier, and he had to pay fifteen hundred rubles. I asked: “Reginka, please, take the jeans and give.” A minute later she brings me these pants, so I took the money does not allow her education into other people’s pockets to go, you know? She was and still is in the tenth year of marriage.—
In all the interviews you emphasize that you never swear. Really it happens?
Сергей Жуков: «Иногда жаль, что не могу треснуть по башке»In the beginning of the relationship we agreed on certain rules. The magnitude of any contention depends on how much people are willing to go each other on concessions. If something happened, you can just go to the nearest person and say, “All right.” And at this point he needs to stop sulking. This is one of our family rules. But the children are sometimes in conflict. Nika, for example, recently said he wants to be a COP. Angel, of course, also wanted. We began to explain to them that such work is very dangerous. The son agreed with us, started to worry for her sister to talk her out of it. And nick’s a big girl, she is more sarcastic and purposely teases him that he would go to the police. Angel begins to whine and suddenly says: “Then I will become a doctor to save nick”. We were taken aback.—
What character would you like to see in the children?
Сергей Жуков: «Иногда жаль, что не могу треснуть по башке»Zodiac sign Gemini and I can do fifty things at once, and the most amazing thing handle it. But as soon as I have something from the list no longer like, throw – a typical feature of Twins. And this, in turn, carries consequences that affect the partners, they see my coldness, detachment. I know I scored more than you need. Do not want to have children were the same rabotodateli.—
You long time never home, feel guilty?
Сергей Жуков: «Иногда жаль, что не могу треснуть по башке»Yes, all the time. But in our family everyone knows dad’s not fishing left, not left his family for recreation and courage. The children know that they are working to make them feel good. But still worried that when I can’t get to some of their performance or competition. Although Regina sends me a video or throwing a stream.

“All because of envy”

Сергей Жуков: «Иногда жаль, что не могу треснуть по башке»
When did you last cry?
Сергей Жуков: «Иногда жаль, что не могу треснуть по башке»A couple of days ago when I watched the sons played. Miron to celebrate, he flew to his brother and accidentally bit his finger. It is clear that the child expressed positive emotions. But Angela, also seven years old, he hurt and offended – burst into crocodile tears. What should I do? Junior will not be punished, he is not guilty, and the oldest need to explain: his brother loves this game. And that after all they remained friends. Well, we sat, hugged and cried together.
But to be angry with you often?
Сергей Жуков: «Иногда жаль, что не могу треснуть по башке»Happen. In social networks some nasty comments about yourself read that in business not everything goes the way you want… Another question – how to react? Sometimes I wish that the power of education can’t just yell or crack in the head, because this negativity need somewhere to vent, to save much.
Friends can upset?
Сергей Жуков: «Иногда жаль, что не могу треснуть по башке»Now I don’t. We got to Regina they are almost gone, only a couple of the closest. Was the experience when the people who were willing to give the shirt, betrayed, jealous… It was such a blow – I could not recover. All believe: gave 20 concerts earned so many millions. But they do not realize that the fees of the group lives a great team. Attitude I feel. And I think to myself, as if the Foundation of the house is optimal to build.
Сергей Жуков: «Иногда жаль, что не могу треснуть по башке»
From experience, sometimes you want to relax, drink?
For more than six months is indifferent to alcohol, getting in shape. With age, my pace of life, travel, work just will not drink. Understand – tomorrow is the concert, have to work on the stage, and it’s hard. Relax in the company of wife and children: embrace them and understand that no alcohol, get drunk from happiness.