Company Jessica Alba will pay customers $ 1.5 million for lying

Компания Джессики Альбы выплатит клиентам 1,5 миллиона долларов за ложь

The company of Hollywood actress Jessica Alba’s “Honest Company” (the”Fair company”) was not so fair, but honestly will have to pay damages to the deceived buyers and the buyers.

The scandal erupted when customers Honest company found that in one of the cosmetic products submitted by the firm, was a chemical that is not indicated on the packaging in the composition. The company claimed that their washing powder, dishwashing detergent and cleaner for different surfaces do not contain sodium lauryl sulfate, which can cause allergic reactions. Instead, the products are famous for the so-called “gentle alternative” to SLS called Sodium Coco Sulfate or SCS.
As it turned out (and follows from the court documents), it is almost one and the same substance. Honest company denies this information, but agreed to pay compensation to the victims, to avoid unnecessary court process.
“We strongly reject any allegations alleged in the judicial process — in particular, that any of our cleaning products contain SLS,” — reads the statement of the lawyers of the company “However, given the fact that the continuation of the judicial process can be lengthy and expensive, we decided to satisfy the claim, to limit additional costs and distraction to our business. We advocate for the safety and efficacy of our products and responsibility to our customers and partners.”