Oct 30, 2016

Выбор Last week, when in Moscow the first snow fell, I got this message: “a Parable. Everyone chooses”. “It was snowing. Was quiet, and fluffy snowflakes slowly circling in a bizarre dance, slowly approaching the earth. Two little snowflakes flying around, struck up a conversation.

    That they are not related to each other, they held hands, and one fun snowflake said, “What an incredible feeling of flight!” “We’re not going, we just fall” – sadly replied the second. “Soon we’ll meet the ground and turn into a white fluffy blanket!” “No, we’re going towards death and on earth that we just trample. We become Streams, and rush to the sea.” “We’re gonna live forever!” – said the first. “No, we will restem and disappear forever” – objected to her second. Finally they got tired of arguing. They unclenched hands, and each departed to meet FATE that CHOSE ITSELF…”

    Read this parable I thought that our views on life can change. Yesterday evening I met my friend Ksenia Sobchak with a huge belly and a scoop of ice cream in a waffle Cup, and She glowed with happiness (and in fact two years ago she was calling children little shits). Or star of rhythmic gymnastics Laysan utiasheva, commenting on the news about the “emigration” Paul Will have noticed that to leave they’re not going anywhere, their family is quite happy at home.

    And Zara? Even in the summer, the singer confessed to me that she and her husband break up, but told me not to talk about. I was really hoping that the couple will reconcile and will not repeat the fate of snowflakes from the parable, and continue their flight together, but at a recent show Julia Menshovoj Zara said that now she was alone. Singer Zara about a second marriage: “We have failed”