Sergei Safronov made Marilyn Kerro to swear in Russian

Сергей Сафронов заставил Мэрилин Керро материться по-русски Estonian witch put the illusionist in an awkward position. While passing the test he decided to scare the clairvoyant, with the result that the girl could not resist and said to the man with foul language. Sergei Safronov did not expect such a reaction.

      Сергей Сафронов заставил Мэрилин Керро материться по-русски

      Marilyn Kerro has always differed from other participants in the excerpt and tranquility. However, during the recording of the ninth edition of the medium are unable to cope with the emotions. The culprit was a leading testing Sergei Safronov, who decided to test the nerves of the contestants for strength. During the competition the witch had to determine which of the lying on the table, boxes of nothing, while all the others were filled with something. When Mary came to the right drawer and decided to stick his hand to make sure that it is really empty, Safronov decided to make fun of clairvoyant. She believed that the box could be a spider, and the magician gave a loud cry, from which she was horrified.

      It should be noted that Sergei watched closely as Kerro passes the test. She easily was able to figure out who or what is in one of the boxes. She correctly identified the female energetike, although I could not understand how a man can fit in a small box. Then she suggested that maybe a spider. Safronovu the idea of a creeping animal like, and when the witch pulled out the empty drawer, he screamed like there was a spider. “Yes you that, absolutely stunned, or what?” – Mary responded, not hiding the fear. (We can cite the Estonian witch, as in her speech that sounds like swearing).

      Close Marilyn Kerro worried for her psychological state

      Safronov was confused, but recovered quickly and beckoned to the witch, so that she made sure that there are no spiders in the box no. Kerro felt awkward and immediately apologized to the magician for being unable to restrain his emotions. Anyway, she has been performing her task and correctly identified the empty box. The observers were very pleased with the work of a psychic and asked to talk to her alone. A film crew was struck by the fact that Mary correctly identified the box in which sits a man. To determine this visually, even the most experienced psychics was not easy.