Сын Айзы Анохиной покоряет мир моды The heir of celebrities took part in the first shoot. Star mom boasted of the success of Sam, put his picture in the microblog. Fans enthusiastically embraced the stylish frame Anokhina and praised the child.

      Designer and blogger ISA Anokhina rejoice in the success of the eldest son Sam, born in marriage with rapper Body. Six-year-old heir, like his famous mom is interested in fashion. Child starred in their first photo shoot as a model. Anokhin told about the achievement of a boy in his microblog, put up a professional-looking son.

      In the picture Sam is dressed in a camouflage suit and knitted socks with the stars. Subscribers to the ISA noted that it is very pretty, but also very similar to his father. “He can break hearts, handsome”, “the Little Prince”, “it’s beautiful”, “how lovely,” “Smile Gufa”, “Charming”, “Adult do this”, “is Growing by the hour and the minute,” wrote the followers ISA.

      Anokhin told me that her oldest son really wanted a brother quickly born. When the second child blogger was born, Sam was one of the first saw the baby, a few days later even took him in his arms. According to the mother of two children, her husband and her trusted older brother to keep younger. The boys sleep together, watch movies and cartoons. ISA shared emotions in one of the posts.

      “Most of all waiting for the emergence of a brother this man. More reverent attitude I have not seen both to himself and to Elvis. The elder brother showed himself yesterday! Nervous, not sleeping and not eating at all yesterday, waiting for my call and was very worried! I am a happy woman! I have the whole world! And all this in the eyes of these two men. Sami and Elvis,” Anokhin wrote in the microblog.

      Designer is developing his brand and controls the operation of an online store through which she sells clothing. At the moment, the mother of two children trying to recover her figure after childbirth to re-appear as a model in advertising projects. As noted by its members, the ISA looks very good after pregnancy. “How quickly you recover”, “class”, “No stretch marks, no belly”, “Ah, you even gave birth? Good girl, the pride of these women,” wrote a follower.