Дети Филиппа Киркорова произвели фурор на большой сцене The king of the pop scene is happy that the talent of the son and daughter evaluated by professionals. Philip said that Martin and Alla-Victoria brilliantly coped with examination in dance school. Alla Dukhova personally gave the kids a reward.

Philip willingly shares with fans the success of their children – five-year Alla-Victoria and Martin four. The kids who attend school-dance Studio “Todes”, founded by the famous choreographer, Alla Duhova. Also, together with the heirs of the king of pop the national stage goes to school daughter, Ani Lorak, Sofia.

At the end of the academic year, students Alla Duhova pass the exam. Philip hastened to share with fans of good news. It turned out that the star talent of the children was appreciated by the professionals – they coped with all the tests.

“My beloved children of Alla-Victoria and Martin brilliantly passed another exam in school-dance Studio “Todes” our dear Alla Duhova and from her hands, personally, they got the gold Cup standouts! A concert held in “Crocus”, and it was unforgettable, especially as we can this success was shared with my friend Ani Lorak and her daughter Sophia, my goddaughter!” – wrote in the microblog Kirkorov.

Fans were happy for Philip Bedrosovich and once again admired the talent of his heirs. They rushed to congratulate Alla-Victoria and Martin with such success.

“Super photo! Are all sincere and real! Kids are cute, I always admire them and their achievements, well-mannered, good, Bravo!”, “Congratulations! Very touching! Happy loving dad and wonderful kids! Be happy!”, “Congratulations! Great that the kids are dancing. Philip, you have done that give children the best”, “Beautiful children. Alla-Victoria is wonderful. Very pleased with Martin. Rose. Reached for Alla-Victoria. Liberated. Eyes Shine, happy, joyful. It is a pleasure to see them so. Happiness and joy to your family!” sending sincere wishes for followers Kirkorov.

Despite the fact that the son and daughter of the idol of millions, make a striking success on the stage, the actor admitted that children do not like publicity. In one of the TV programs he said that he was going to build a house, so the kids can feel comfortable, doing your favorite things. Philip regrets that he has solved the mystery of the birth of children

“This is a very beautiful little “Disneyland” in the house – shared with journalists Philip. – It all will be provided for in the first place, the children were healthy. Pool, gym, dance class. All children’s events we will hold here. Martin and Alla-Victoria is not very fond of publicity”.