The Vladimir Peraturan died the day before my birthday

Телекомментатор Владимир Перетурин умер накануне дня рождения Sad news reported by relatives of the men. According to Olga Perederina, the wife of a famous TV host and athlete, her husband for a long time suffered from a serious illness. The last few years Vladimir Ivanovich was bedridden.
Телекомментатор Владимир Перетурин умер накануне дня рождения

Today it became known that 78-year-old footballer and TV commentator Vladimir Peraturan died in Moscow. The man died Monday, may 22.

Information about the death star of sports journalists confirmed his wife Olga Pretoria. According to the woman, she got a call this afternoon from the hospital. Recent years, Vladimir did not get out of bed. A couple of months ago Peraturan suddenly felt worse.

“Five years ago he had a stroke. He lay without moving a foot, was paralyzed. Five years it lasted. But on March 16 began a sharp deterioration of his health. Several times he was hospitalized back then back in the hospital, he fell pressure, kidney problems began. The last two weeks he was in intensive care,” – said the wife of a sports commentator.
Телекомментатор Владимир Перетурин умер накануне дня рождения

Fans of Vladimir Peraturan can’t believe his sudden departure. They remember the star athlete and my condolences go out to his family and friends. According to many, Vladimir was a great leader and football player. “Oh”, “Thank you, for your life! In memory of”, “Grieve”, “Another legend of football and sports journalism became less… rest in peace sir”, “what a pity,” write the users of social networks.

His memories of the deceased commentator and the football player also shared the sports observer of radio station “Echo of Moscow” Alexei Durnovo.

“Died Vladimir Peraturan. The first commenter, which I identified in childhood. Under his review hosted the Olympics in Lillehammer, under his review, “Spartacus” took out “Liverpool” and lost the judge Corrado. Under his review Oleg Salenko scored five goals to Cameroon. Sorry for the terrible”, – the journalist wrote on Facebook.

We will add that Vladimir Peraturan was born on 23 may 1938 in Moscow. After his football career he started work as a commentator. Since the early 80s, the man was the permanent host of the program “Football review”, which was published on the First channel for nineteen years.

In a recent interview the wife of Vladimir Ivanovich admitted that he did not know about the reasons of deterioration of the husband. According to the woman, Peraturan led a healthy lifestyle. The doctors, who were invited by the family, gave disappointing forecasts. They tried to put the man on his feet, but couldn’t.

Spouse commentator Olga Pretoria told RBC that on the date and place of his funeral will be known on Tuesday.