Eks-the participant “Houses-2” Ruslan Proskurov celebrates the completion of the family

Экс-участник «Дома-2» Руслан Проскуров празднует пополнение в семье Fiancee of the young man gave him a charming child. Happy parents accept the warm wishes from family and friends. Fans of telestroke learned about a happy event in the life of Russell from social networks.
Экс-участник «Дома-2» Руслан Проскуров празднует пополнение в семье

One of the most akrich former participants “House-2” Ruslan Proskurov, also known as Russell recently became a father. Beloved men Oksana Cheban gave him a charming girl called Yesenia. Happy parents receive numerous congratulations from friends and relatives.

Apparently, at the moment the mother and her baby thrive. In social networks appeared a group photo of Ruslan and his lovely daughter. In the picture, which is distributed in groups dedicated telestroke, Proskurov seems to be a great father, who carefully holds the baby on his hands.

Users of social networks wish him and his fiancée all the best. They are glad to Proskurov, who several times came to the project, found happiness in his personal life. Fans of telestroke wish the heir to Russell grow big and strong, to the delight of parents. “Congratulations,” “What is beauty”, “the Daughter is very similar to the father”, “Touching photos”, “Health”, “Wow! Rare name”, “Wonderful baby” – says fans of the popular reality show.

Экс-участник «Дома-2» Руслан Проскуров празднует пополнение в семье

Add that Ruslan Proskurov first tried to build love with Victoria Karaseva, one of the most controversial participants of the project. Rapper from Russia immediately expressed its sympathy for the sexy brunette. The bright pair has a lot of fans: Proskurov dedicated Karaseva songs, the young people were constantly split up and got back together again. “We were born to live together,” said Ruslan. In February 2008, the loving couple decided to legalize their relations in the registry office, but after a couple of months, the reality star had a huge fight. The conflict that occurred between Karasev and by Prokhorovym, put an end to the history of their relationship.

Each Victoria Karaseva explained her mysterious disappearance

After breaking up with tori, a young man was courting Victoria Bonneuil, Oksana Ten and Natalia Bardo. A fatal role in the fate of Proskurov played his relationship with the sisters Changename. After a serious quarrel with Russell rose and Marina plotted against the Moldovan rapper. In the end, Ruslan left the project.

Some time later Proskurov again came to the telestroke. This time the man is in love with Yana Shulga. Ruslan was set up very seriously and even made the girl a proposal of marriage. However, the engagement ring was not made of gold, then Jana got upset and broke relations with Ruslan.

In the biography of Russell also had a rivalry with Zagajnovym for the heart of a member of Feofilaktova. Ruslan skillfully provoked the opponent, but the case ended not in his favor.

The last time the rapper has again become a member of the reality show in 2015. Then Proskurov left it a few days later. With him went his girlfriend Oksana, who became the mother of his adorable daughter Esenii.