Children of Nicholas Godovikov refused to say goodbye to him

Дети Николая Годовикова отказались проститься с ним Last week it became known that the star of the film “White sun of the desert” has died after a long illness. According to some, Godovikova was Oncology. In “Andrey Malakhov. Live” it turned out that the son and daughter did not have time to come to him.
Дети Николая Годовикова отказались проститься с ним

Nikolai Godovikov became famous for her role in the film “White sun of the desert”. After the resounding success of the film, the actor has gone. What happened to the artist and why his funeral refused to come son Artem and daughter Maria found out in the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live”.

How did you learn the editors, talk show, Nikolai Lvovich wanted to meet and apologize to his son and daughter and two hours before death. The actor was married three times, first married the artist Maria was born, and the second Tom, but the closest person to him in the last year of life was the step-daughter Valeria. She came to the funeral Godovikova.

“He had a really heavy period. I always said, “Grandpa, hang in there, you have grandchildren. They except you no one. To hold it was only this”, – said Valery.
Дети Николая Годовикова отказались проститься с ним

During the life of the actor has repeatedly admitted in interviews that he is a softie, very kind and trustful. Besides, he was often betrayed: first left his mother, with her artist had a relationship, then, from the “Petrucci” left two wives, taking their children with them. Last Godovikova became the mother of Valerie.

Correspondents of “Live” found the two children Godovikova. Daughter Maria refused to come to the funeral to father, the woman asked to tell her where to locate the grave of Nikolai Lvovich, she will come later.

“I’m not going to reveal a soul, I know where it is. Sorry, but I short period in his life, I think you know more about it than I do. That’s when I will ripen, then I will come and talk to him one on one. It was not my whole life. Maybe someday I will dare to say anything,” Maria told reporters.

Colleagues movie star said that the actor does not abuse alcohol. According to friends, Godovikova broke life: after the great debut “Petrushka” was in the army. During his service he was actively involved in the shooting, but the chief did not give the letters from the Directors Nikolay Lvovich. After a while the actor was forgotten, and the seven years he spent in prison.

Comrade Godovikova actor Sergey Selin has told that the actor was fond of fine art. He painted still lifes and gave away to friends.

“He called and said he’d been drawing courses. He gave my wife a birthday picture,” said Celine.

Stepdaughter Godovikova confirmed rumors that Nikolay Lvovich was sick with cancer. The doctors discovered metastases of the actor, but the outbreak is not identified. Friends of the artist were told that “Peter” suffered from severe pain and almost lost my voice.

Journalists talked with the son Godovikova, Artem. The man admitted that he barely remembers his father. Despite this, he is often invited by Nicholas L.-in guests and tried to establish contact with him, but the actor refused suggestions.

“He always called and invited, he did not come himself. I always say that I am a proud father, I just want to know where he is buried”, – said Artem in an interview with reporters.

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