The wife of the son of Tatiana Vasilyeva was found with his ex-fiancee

Супруга сына Татьяны Васильевой встретилась с его бывшей избранницей The family of the famous actress still can not resolve the conflict. Former daughter Tatyana Vasilyeva Anastasia Begunova requires a share in the apartment in the center of Moscow. It does not allow the family to see grandchildren, as it believes that they should not provide them with material support.
Супруга сына Татьяны Васильевой встретилась с его бывшей избранницей

For several years do not subside scandals in the family of famous actress Tatyana Vasilyeva. Nine years ago, her son Philip married Anastasia Begunova. Some time later, the couple left Russia and moved to Germany. The couple had two sons John and Gregory. However, in 2015, the marriage fell apart – the man is back home. The now ex-daughter-in-law Vasilyeva won’t let her see the children. Today Anastasia Begunova decided to tell the whole truth in the program of Dmitry Shepelev “actually”.

Now the ex-fiancee of the son of the famous actress claims to real estate in the city center, bought, according to her, during the marriage, and asks for money for the children. The court denied her the right to share in the apartment, and now, according to Tatiana Vasilyeva, her son, present wife, and friends, the former daughter-in-law forbids her to see her grandchildren. Tatiana Vasilieva laughed at the former daughter-in-law

Speaking about the reasons of divorce, Anastasia mentioned the complicated nature of the former husband.

“Already for anybody not a secret. He’s an unbalanced person, he had violent outbursts, it is prone to alcoholism,” said the legman.
Супруга сына Татьяны Васильевой встретилась с его бывшей избранницей

Suddenly the heroine of the program in the Studio appeared the current wife of Philip Maria Vasilyeva. Women first met each other face to face.

“Thank you Nastya for the fact that you have changed my husband asked Maria. I understand that if you haven’t done that, Philip would never have left you. Because he is the most loyal, most devoted, most loving man in the world”.

Presenter Dmitry Shepelev touched the material side of relations of the former daughter-in-law and her family. Anastasia said that to your total to $ 330 thousand euros had access she and Philip Vasiliev. The money, according to Anastasia, by the time the divorce is almost over – she claims that there were about 110 thousand euros.

“I took account of 50 thousand euros. The money does not. They left not one but three operations to his son. And Yes, I took them without asking,” admitted the legman.
Супруга сына Татьяны Васильевой встретилась с его бывшей избранницей

However, the experts in the Studio Legman caught in a lie. Current daughter-in-law Maria Vasilyeva said that he saw the statement of account, which can be traced, as the legman shot a few times for 10 thousand Euro, transferred the money to her father in Omsk. The total sum amounted to about 130 thousand.

Two years Tatiana Vasilieva not communicate with their grandchildren. Anastasia it’s a shame that families don’t have generous financial support for the boys.

“Until people are invested in proving your love – talk about a great love. I have no guarantees that ladies to chat with children and then I will return. Everything was taken away, the children have no angle of his” – says the legman.

When asked whether she thought that 330 thousand euros is a worthy investment of the U.S. and the fate of their grandchildren, legman calmly replied, “Well, the money ran out”.