Anfisa Chekhov gets rid of the breeches on the thighs

Анфиса Чехова избавляется от галифе на бедрах
The presenter told us about the problem.

Photo: Instagram

Despite the fact that Anfisa Chekhova phenomenally lost weight in the last year, she was unable to get rid of the breeches on the thighs. Plastic surgery star does not even consider, and she finally found a way to solve this problem.

“How do you not lose more weight, how many sports don’t have, here are the best breeches, “we ears”, “arms of love” even if reduced in size but did not disappear, — says Anfisa. Due to the hormonal fat that to drive away the most difficult, and in some cases, almost impossible! What should I do? Liposuction? Well, no, I will not allow you to cut your favorite body! I began to study this question, and through friends found a unique clinic where remove is women’s punishment by the hands of a special ancient technique. 2 hours on each part of the body, requiring “liposuction”. Clean the abdomen, flanks, arms, and growths at the knees. And most importantly, that the procedure is good for health: promotes lymphatic drainage and eliminate toxins from the body. I’ve heard so much enthusiastic feedback about this technique that you are going to immediately take your legs and put yourself on the massage table!”

As for the food, Chekhov did not return to his former life. Not to gain weight again, TV presenter had to eat properly. That, however, her help to make numerous company for the production and delivery of a dietary food.

“Mocking and tasteless diet I don’t like! says Chekhov. — Power requirements I have are that the waiters are usually mentally burn me at the stake, taking my order. Food should be sugar, yeast, meat, poultry, and eggs. Everything has to be not fat. But this company takes all my moods. They are such a good cook me: and the baked cheesecakes and strudels, shrimp-halibut, delicious soups. All on 1800 calories. There are diet and 1500кал, but I decided hunger itself, not to starve. The secret of my diet — sbalansirovannoi products under certain hours during the day. And, of course, the granularity of nutrition: eat 5 times a day in small portions, but feel so full that night even dinner hardly eats!”

Recall, for a year, eating only what she likes, Anfisa Chekhova effortlessly lost 30 pounds!