Дети Елены Валюшкиной помогли ей решиться на развод The actress thanked a son and a daughter. Children born in marriage to actor Aleksandr Yatsko, called Elena Valyushkina to leave him. They supported the mother and pushed for decisive action.
Дети Елены Валюшкиной помогли ей решиться на развод

Marriage with the actor Aleksandr Yatsko was for the actress Elena Valyushkina second. The movie star became famous for the role of Maria Ivanovna in the film “Formula of love” and managed to obtain the recognition of a new generation, thanks to her role as mother of Natasha in the two parts of “Bitter”. The first husband of the actress became her teacher, actor Leonid Fomin. They lived together for 11 years, but now says the actress, more coexist and have toured together children the couple never had.

In colleague Alexander Yatsko Elena fell in love for the first rehearsal. It became that who, together with the actress believed in miracles, and never for a moment doubted that their kind will continue. Valyushkina had 10 operations and has gone through four IVF attempts. So she became a mother of two children – a son Basil and daughter Mary. However, despite all the trials that Elena had accompanied her husband, in the end, they divorced. About the specific reasons for the breakup, Elena says no details.

“Of course battered my faith. I can’t tell day after day what was happening, how was I supposed to know who called me… At some point you know that you can compare, not interesting, and you ask a question, and what happens? And what happens is that I don’t respect you, do not appreciate and do not like. With his hand heard such phrases: “Well, it’s a living.” I see so many live. And I didn’t want to. That’s all,” she says.

In the NTV program “One” answering the questions of the correspondent of Elena admitted that decide to divorce after 20 years of marriage, she helped children who were not quite adults. My daughter is now 14 and son 21.

“The kids said, “Mom, come on already determined”. I decided. Thank you, children. Because it’s the worst thing for the children to keep the false story absolutely anything” – confessed the actress.

According to Elena, it was not a divorce, and liberation. So she had to relearn how to live. Today Valyushkina is preparing for the tour in London with a successful drama project. She’s shooting a movie and TV series, TV projects. The actress says that Dating. For example, in Bangkok it was an interesting meeting. “Recently, the plane met. It is such a Swedish-Scandinavian origin. Some Viking. Don’t know where it leads, but until we have a rough correspondence. Now I admit passing some stories. I didn’t have that in his youth, now he’s retired can afford,” she says.