Александр Серов готов общаться с внебрачной дочерью из США после ДНК-теста The singer revealed the secret personal life. Alexander Serov ceased to deny that he has an adult heir named Alice. However, it does not support connection with it and will be able to officially recognize the girl only after genetic examination.
Александр Серов готов общаться с внебрачной дочерью из США после ДНК-теста

Alexander Serov rightly considered one of the most successful singers of the country. He always had a lot of fans, and each of them dreamed of becoming a beloved artist. However, the man was married only once and has only one grown daughter. However, in the media and then there are news about children born out of wedlock.

In the program “the Secret to a million” Serov decided to clarify questions concerning his potential successors. The man opened the envelope with the master secret and said that he has a grown daughter.

“The girl’s mother Valya was my fan. She’s just mad I went, so days and nights hanging out somewhere nearby. Once at a party we were together, I drank a lot. Eventually, Val got undressed, and we were in bed. But then I managed to prevent natural conception. And then I noticed how she collects my seed in a test tube. He said he wants to have my baby. The next time we saw each other only a few years later, she showed photos of the child, but nothing from me began to demand”, – said the artist.
Александр Серов готов общаться с внебрачной дочерью из США после ДНК-теста

As it turned out, the adult daughter of a musician’s name is Alice, and now she lives in the USA. She recently got married, but famous father at the wedding was not. According to Serova, the potential successor is very similar to it. He is ready to meet her, but only on the condition that she take the initiative.

Александр Серов готов общаться с внебрачной дочерью из США после ДНК-теста“If she wants to sit in a cafe, to discuss your case, then I’m ready. But to go for show or to fly to her in the United States – no”, – categorically said the musician.

The singer is not ready to help her financially or give her his name until that moment, until a genetic test. But another potential daughter Christine, he categorically refuses to accept.

“The hope of the tiller works should take an example from Valentina, which is not with me is not required. And this Christine, I think she is not my daughter. She just can’t be my daughter! This girl is sick, she has autism, so it seems the disease is called. And anyway, I can’t remember when we met her, the night we spent together not exactly,” said the singer.

Alexander Serov recalled that in the early 2000s, Hope the tiller works conducted a genetic examination, which proved the relationship of the musician with his girl Christine. However, the singer did not see the test results, therefore, do not believe in its truthfulness. That is why it requires a new study.

Moreover, the man noted that illegitimate children will not be able to claim his inheritance, as all the property Serov recorded on his daughter Michelle. He incredibly loves the daughter, and therefore will not be able to deny her.

Michelle herself is not ready to discuss a controversial topic relating to children born out of wedlock of the father. In the program “the Secret to a million” she admitted she loves the parent and is ready to support him in any life situation.