Cheryl Cole is seeking divorce lawyer

Виктория Дайнеко ищет адвоката по разводам The singer asked for help. Fans filled up Victoria Daineko questions about whether all is in order in her family. Not long ago, the artist told me that was outraged by the behavior of his friend, which sent her husband pictures of an intimate nature.

      Two weeks ago, the singer on one of the forums on the social network wrote that looking for a lawyer in divorce cases. Visitors become interested in all the right Vicki with her husband, musician Dmitry Kleiman, whom the singer married on 14 April last year. But the celebrity left the questions unanswered.

      “We have Dima all right,’ said Daineko “StarHit”. Lawyer I searched for a friend”.

      Perhaps Vick is disingenuous, because for a few days until the message on the forum in the family actress scandal – did she know that her friend is flirting with Dimitri sends him a photo of an intimate nature. About this Daineko said in his blog, but a few minutes later deleted the post. We will remind that it not the first case when a couple makes the public talk about their divorce. In February of this year the star has been intrigued subscribers by publishing posts about the separation from loved ones and posting a photo without a wedding ring. Then Kleiman dispelled the rumors, admitting that he and Victoria had a fight, but on divorce it is not.

      “Couples argue, that’s fine, – said Dmitry “StarHit”. – We are a young family, we have a beautiful daughter with her too hard… We all learn something not always turns out… Vika periodically spends the night on his feet, the mood then affected by lack of sleep…. And she’s a temperamental girl. But more than a couple of hours we each other do not take offense. Hence, any separation and especially divorce, and speeches cannot be”.

      Now the couple are raising a daughter together who was born a year ago. Despite the fact that many young moms love to brag about their children, Victoria tries to talk about the baby. The fans still don’t know the name of the girls and didn’t see her face. The singer passed away just two months after giving birth went on tour. She didn’t want to deny yourself all because of the baby, so try to stay in a familiar rhythm. Dayneko believes that her purpose is to sing. She is glad that he likes, which brings her income.