Actress Evgeny Polunin severely beat a man

Актрису Евгению Полунину жестоко избил мужчина The artist has addressed in police with the statement. According to Polunino, she was struck in the face. During the medical examination were recorded fractures. Law enforcement agencies find out what happened between the attackers and the victim.

      Актрису Евгению Полунину жестоко избил мужчина

      The actress of theatre “Center of dramaturgy and direction” Evgeny Polunin suffered in a fight with a man. The woman turned to law enforcement authorities with a statement about the incident. According to the artist, the attacker struck her several blows in the face. After a special inspection, it was revealed that 40-year-old actress closed fractures of two metacarpal bones. Presumably, Polunin received these injuries trying to fend off her attacker.

      As have informed in law enforcement bodies have already begun check on the case. The fact of the crime prosecuted. According to some reports, the incident occurred on the street Sadovaya-Samotechnaya in the center of Moscow.

      Later, according to who attacked the actress detained the man and are now carrying out an interrogation, to find out what really happened between him and the victim.

      Evgeny Polunin known to audiences for his performances in the theatre “Center of dramaturgy and direction” and for his roles in the television series “COP in the law-2”, “Urgent room”, “Chasing angel”, “Photographer”. The actress’s son Dmitry is also already taking its first steps in the film industry. The boy has a chance to work with Svetlana Khodchenkova in the film “Diary of mother of first-grader”, and also starred in the mini-series “On a white horse”. Mom of a talented kid lately more plays in the theatre. Play “Come on, we are waiting for the machine” with the participation of Eugenia remembered by many fans of theatrical art.