Cheryl Cole is planning a new marriage

Виктория Дайнеко планирует новое замужество The artist does not hide that is going to once again go under the crown. Cheryl Cole admitted that he suffered from depression and even thinking to go to the registry office again. However, now the young mother is entirely focused on your little daughter.

Fans of the popular singer Victoria Daineko a long time, worried about her emotional state after breaking up with her husband – drummer Dmitry Kleiman. Unlike the musician, the woman never commented on family problems. Probably, the beauty needed time to recover after a difficult period in his personal life.

And finally Dayneko broke the long silence. Celebrity said that they will not be depressed and, furthermore, will again go under the crown. She also stressed that it is impossible to break off relations because of every little thing, but to stay married, if you do not feel happy is not worth it.

“I split up with my husband, but my life has not become worse. Rather, even better. All that is done, the better. Long gone the time when you had to live together in order to be understood by society. Of course, not after the first argument to run, but if people continue to quarrel constantly, then their relationship won’t be good. Better each person to give a chance to be happier than every day to make each other unhappy. I love in the whole world and for freedom of choice!” – said the star.

But Victoria says wisely and not planning to give up on happiness. The actress thought that she would have to divorce, but life will put everything in its place. She also noted that some sample dreams of childhood never came to life. “I hope that once you’re married. Before I thought I was going to the registry office once and for all. As you can see, failed. Many of my stereotypical desires that have been with me from school, didn’t come true,” said the singer.

A young mother tries not to take problems to heart and always to stay in good spirits, because most of the time she spends with her daughter. Brunette is not going to deny the girl communion with the father and continues to maintain a neutral relationship with Mr Kleiman. Husband of Victoria Daineko for the first time after a breakup: “I’m really missing your daughter”

“As we have in common baby we will life to communicate. Until about the second baby, I don’t think. Can’t even imagine what I would do if I had two or three children. It is necessary to have a reliable family to not break. Children require a lot of time,” – said “Interlocutor” Dayneko.