Participants of “the Bachelor” threw a fit Ilya Glinnikov

Участницы «Холостяка» закатили истерику Илье Глинникову Girls are unable to cope with the emotions. Radmila Sadykov and Lesya Ryabtseva have started to act up and blame Ilya Glinnikov. Despite the fact that the man initially intended to leave two members at the end of rendezvous in his soul crept into the shadow of a doubt.
Участницы «Холостяка» закатили истерику Илье Глинникову

Now the project “the Bachelor,” there are only seven girls who seek attention and location Ilya Glinnikov. As usual, the protagonist is trying to make an appointment with each girl memorable. According to the rules, a man invites participants on an individual rendezvous, and on the double.

On Saturday viewers will see another series of the show. This time under the threat of elimination will be Radmila Sadykov and Lesya Ryabtseva. Fans remember that the first just back on the project after he had flown home for family reasons, and the second is rapidly becoming the best friend Elijah. And if at first the bachelor promised not to fire anybody, after both girls he’ll throw tantrums with tears and accusations against him, he can easily change his mind.

Участницы «Холостяка» закатили истерику Илье Глинникову

Les and Radmila not the first time are together on a date with Elijah. A few weeks ago they supported the idea of a bachelor to star in a photo shoot to attract attention to the protection of wild animals. Ryabtseva is so imbued with the idea that even fully stripped. The controversial star of “the Bachelor” Les riabtseva: “Sex? It was hard for me to control myself”

“He’s naked, we’re naked. I saw how he tried to look away to the side, but kept glancing at my Breasts, because of all the girls on a date it is just me! At some point I even said to him: “Look at me!” We had a lot of fun and really bonded. Perhaps then for the first time between us ran a spark, a kind of animal instinct,” – said the journalist.

However, Radmila was not as brave as her rival. She didn’t compromise myself, and therefore remained in a bathing suit. “What would be amazing was not the idea, it is not worth my reputation. Same thing I said Ilya, and he supported me”, – said Sadykov.

Участницы «Холостяка» закатили истерику Илье Глинникову

Also this Saturday, Ilya is waiting for another date with bright party Snezhana Samokhina. Rendezvous with the main character happens to be her birthday. Glinnikov could not miss such an important date in her life, and therefore proposed to spend the holiday together. However, the bachelor has chosen an unusual way to please a girl. The pair will travel to Sri Lankan ghetto to local children. Glinnikov was hoping that the 23-year-old member will be pleased to please the kids, because she herself has a teenage son.