Dana Borisova took pity on the ex-spouse

Дана Борисова сжалилась над экс-супругом Producer and PR Manager went to meet a former lover Maxim Aksenov. According to Dana Borisova, the man convinced her of his good intentions towards his daughter Pauline. Currently, the heir to the stars is together with Aksenov abroad.

TV presenter, producer and PR Manager Dana Borisova is a happy mother of a charming nine-year-old Polina. The woman loves her daughter and tries to hold her all the free time. Star sincerely proud of the successes of girls. “I participate in the project of educating their child of Pauline”, – told the star in a recent interview.

Currently, the successor of the women lives with her father, the former civil husband of the star of Maxim Aksenov. He is staying with his daughter in Spain. Despite the fact that This Maxim is not going smoothly, leading still allowed Pauline to go to the Pope. In recognition Borisova, she misses due to separation with a girl, but trying to stay.

“Now there’s her dad, he quit his job to be a good father, he’s three and a half hours a day with her doing. My daughter so needs a daddy, especially now that age, when she stopped to listen, she needs a dad… I don’t know why a complicated relationship to it, I do not feel anything, nine years have passed. I forgot to think about it, it is interesting to me only as the father of Paulina. But, somehow, unfortunately, the negativity constantly flows, but lately he seems to be reformed, and I trust him with a baby”, – said the leading.

According to This Maxim never took Pauline for a long time, but a few months ago the man changed his habits. The star did not protest, because he understands the needs of his daughter. “I have to give him credit, which he now no was a good dad, financially it did not help us, but now he’s convinced me,” said the woman.

Previously, Dana Borisova told the fans about how he’s worried about the baby. “I’m fine, just lost six pounds because of a breakup with her daughter, but we in advance had an agreement with Maxim that it takes Paula for 2 months to be a good father. Agree, my daughter was missing daddy, aren’t you?” – leading shared in Instagram.

While Pauline is with her father in another country, Dana does what brings her real pleasure. The woman focused on producing and promoting artists. But a career as a leading star has decided to quit. “I was forced by the sponsors, but I can’t overcome,” – said a celebrity during an interview, “the latest News”.