Cheryl Cole is outraged by the betrayal of a friend

Виктория Дайнеко возмущена предательством подруги

No wonder they say that female friendship does not happen. Often in communication girls pursue selfish goals, basically they are fighting for any man.

With betrayal recently faced Victoria Daineko.

Like any loving wife Victoria trusts her blessed, but stands out, to no flirt intervened in their relationship.

A little Dayneko still not doglyadel, indeed, one interested person already has eyes for her husband Dmitry Kleiman. Unfortunately for Victoria, it was her friend.

On how she learned about the attempts of a friend to ruin her family happiness, Vick told in Instagram: “Briefly about female friendship. With the permission of her husband flipped through the photos in his phone and seen the deleted photos Boobs for my girlfriend’s closeup. Ask what it is. Says she to him a new blouse boasted. In General, I called her for our wedding. Reason… a budding drummer, but now my girlfriend. Sorry, to me their blouses do not brag”.

In the comments, the followers supported his favorite, and recommended to be more vigilant and cautious, to prevent the intercourse of her husband with her friends without a serious reason.