Miley Cyrus hates her engagement ring from her fiancé

Майли Сайрус ненавидит помолвочное кольцо, подаренное ей женихом

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth six months ago I decided to give their relationship a second chance. For a new development of this old Roman fans of the couple watched with bated breath. Hope for a positive ending, i.e. a wedding, came when the Aussie gave a sweetheart an engagement ring with a proposal to marry him.

Cyrus accepted the offer and is now on the ring finger of the left hand she bears the ring, which, as it turned out, she just can’t stand.

The thing is that it does not correspond to the image of Miley, her taste preferences and can not be combined with those ornaments, which the singer used to wear.

About how she was disappointed with the choice of Liam Mali said on the Ellen DeGeneres.

According to star, vintage gold jewelry it is not combined with her favorite jewelry in the form of unicorns, cakes and characters of American comics. However, Cyrus hastened to quickly rehabilitate themselves in the eyes of the public, saying that, despite the fact that an engagement ring is not really her style, she continues to wear it as a sign of his feelings for his lover.