Консьерж отеля, где ограбили Ким Кардашьян, рассказал, что грабители пришли не за драгоценностями

Kim Kardashian in Paris was the victim of a robbery. The reality star was caught in the room of the unknown, which cleaned out her pockets for a total amount of 11 million euros.

Famous Armenian woman gradually comes in and allows himself the release. The police is investigating this case and continue to investigate the facts that occurred on the day of the crime.

To comment on the incident itself Kardashian does not want to, but the Concierge is happy to talk to the press and tells the details of the crime.

So, a man who calls himself Abdurahman, said that when the robbers broke into the room, they wasn’t really looking for jewels.

“The robbers dragged me along and went up to the room of the star, which was preparing to sleep.She thought it was the police, because the perpetrators were in uniform. A few seconds she did not understand what was happening. The criminals demanded money, but they spoke French, so Kim decided that they need her mobile phones. The one robber again and again that he just wants the money,” — said the employee of the hotel.

The Concierge said that Kimberly was very frightened and shouted with all his strength. She didn’t understand what they want from it, but then realized that they need her engagement ring worth 4.5 million dollars. She gave them, as well as other jewels that she had in that moment.