Cheryl Cole is forced to hide after threats

Виктория Дайнеко вынуждена прятаться после угроз The singer was trying to blackmail. Victoria Dayneko told the subscribers’s Instagram that would change their position. Such changes in the life of a star occurred after messages from strangers.
Виктория Дайнеко вынуждена прятаться после угроз

A few days ago Cheryl Cole shared with fans his experiences: on a personal phone brunette began to come SMS with threats. Detractors promised to distribute a number of celebrities over the Network. Fearing that words go into action, the woman hastened to change the SIM card. However, to inform the relevant contacts artist could not close, so turned to them for funds, “Instagram”.

“Friends, I am so so happy with the sending of the messenger and not all got a text with my new number, while others received it two or three times. So if you don’t have my new number to write in direct, by e-mail or Facebook. Find. About the old room is already forgotten,” said Victoria.

It is worth noting that changed recently Daineko is not only a mobile phone, and address. However, the second is not with threats and blackmail, and the everyday conditions. The very beautiful links such updates with internal need to break free from the past. “Everything is new. New home. New number. New thought”, – wrote in the microblog singer. Fans celebrities immediately realized what was going on and wanted to support the favorite. They left in the comments to the post kind words and wishes to the artist. In addition, users of the social network said that many stars were subjected to such methods of blackmail, and Daineko did the right thing, replacing old contacts.

“Vic, what happened to you?”, “Our sweet, beautiful, darling and talented Victoria! It’s all because of those bad people that were sending you threats and promised to show everyone your phone? Don’t worry, you’re safe now and everything will be fine! Different people in the world because there are…” – wrote followers.

Recall that now the singer herself is responsible for the safety of his daughter and his own. A few months ago she broke up with baby’s father – drummer Dmitry Kleiman. In an interview, the young mother admitted that they were both uneasy to make this decision, but to continue to live in constant conflict lovers do not like. According to brunette, the husband was often jealous of her past, to sort things out. But she did not remain in side: expressed discontent, not trying to cut corners. Victoria Dayneko frankly told him how ruined her marriage