Alexei Vorobyov spoke about plagiarism in the works of Olga Buzova

Алексей Воробьев заговорил о плагиате в творчестве Ольги Бузовой The artist advised a colleague in show business and her companion Nastya Curls to appeal to the Committee for the protection of copyright. According to Alexei Vorobyov, a new track Russian artists “Will be hot” is somewhat similar to the smash-hit American artists Fifth Harmony and Kid Ink.
Алексей Воробьев заговорил о плагиате в творчестве Ольги Бузовой

Actor, musician and Director Alexei Vorobyov recently amused fans with a short video in which he spoke about plagiarism in the work of popular musicians. The artist has compared the song Fifth Harmony and Kid Ink called “Worth It”, presented in 2015, as well as a fresh track with an aspiring singer Olga Buzova and Nastya Curls “too hot”. In Vorobiev’s opinion, these songs are somewhat similar. Your thoughts Alex shared in section storis “Instagram”.

Olga Buzova fully stripped in the scandalous clip

“I think that Fifth Harmony somebody Tirole chorus. Exactly I heard somewhere. Girls, Olga Buzova and Nastya Curls, please contact copyright community! Chorus you stole one to one finally!” – written by the artist in one of his social networks.

Unknown, followed if Buzova and Curls the advice of colleagues in show business, but their hit continues to break all the dance floors. Clip two performers looked more than three million times on YouTube. Most users of social networking funny videos Actresses had to taste. They found that Anastasia and Olga able to laugh at yourself.

Nastya Curls: “Olga Buzova cool, but she doesn’t have to boast”

We also add that on 9 June in the capital SK “Olympic” will be a premium channel MUZ-TV. Olga Buzova presented in the nomination “Breakthrough of the year”. With her win in this category fighting group “Fungi”, Jah Khalib, Estradarada, Alexander Panayotov and Burito. “I really hope to get the cherished plate. I know that my people are always with me, I know that you actively voted and continue to vote for me. Unfortunately, not everything depends on us… But I hope for our victory”, – said Olga in a microblog.

Earlier, some social media users have suspected Olga Buzova in the hobby Alexei Vorobiev. TV presenter and singer left comments for the artist in social networks. Alexei himself has not confirmed this information during a conversation with journalists. Sparrows have hinted that the rumors about his possible affair with Buzova not true. “Friends, I heard about this news and I must say that nothing of the sort in their personal and especially professional life I don’t outline… one Hundred percent,” he said.