The star of “Hotel Eleon” messed up hair on the set

Звезда «Отеля Элеон» испортила волосы на съемках
The actress said that her hair was severely damaged.

Rina Grishina

Photo: from personal archive of Rina Grishina

Rina Grishina, who plays in the popular TV series “Hotel Eleon” the receptionist Svetlana, admitted that after the shooting she was afraid of losing hair. The fact that the role of her updo, which was created by using varnishes and fleece.

“What with us not only do stylists and make-up artists on set! — said Rina. — In the evening taking apart the hairstyle and the hair are a thick mane, so they
comb. Even the fingers cannot be inserted! Had to restore hair. Recently from Morocco I brought back the local oil, it helps a lot and is suitable for both hair and body. By the way, it is possible to find in Moscow. Well, a mandatory program such as masks, balms, shampoos. Often use the decoction of chamomile. Boil dried flowers and rinse your head: it is both useful and refreshing color. I’ve never dyed my hair and chamomile brightens and strengthens them. Even my mother in childhood did firming mask from egg yolks. Just shake them in a bowl, rubbed my hair and wrapped with cellophane and top with a wrapped towel. Lasted half an hour this procedure. It would be necessary to repeat it now.”

One of the rules preserve the beauty of Rina Grishina believes the ability to sleep well.

“For me, ideally eight hours of sleep, but this is rare. But when you do, I’m just in ecstasy! Feel great and ready to move mountains. But the most important rule: in order to look good — you must love yourself. If something’s bothering you, you need to understand what psychological problem is triggered, and take action. There are girls who look in the mirror and frown, “EW, how ugly I am”. But the brain and the body react to such thoughts. And Vice versa: when you love yourself, when you are calm and confident, and look accordingly.”

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