Svetlana Svetikova catches “pregnant high”

Светлана Светикова ловит «беременный кайф» The artist admitted that he enjoys every moment of it. Svetlana Svetikova told followers on Instagram that the waiting period of the baby was one of the happiest in her life.

Recently the participant of “factory of stars-3” Svetlana Svetikova told loyal fans the good news – the singer is in position. Fans several days in a row wrote in a microblog dozens of greetings and good wishes. They noted that their favorite is simply created for comfort and parenting. Apparently, the celebrity thinks the same way and is in complete harmony in the period of carrying a child.

“I slept… for a Long time. Day… Pregnant with a dream – a fantastic bonus. He’s kind of special, deep, soft. Accumulated the energy to exercise. I’ll tell you sometime, what is a pregnant sport,” – wrote in Instagram the brunette.

Such pleasure from everything around Svetikova calls the “pregnant high”. Apparently, the woman does not feel any discomfort that sometimes accompanies an interesting position. It is interesting that many followers of the actress have noticed not only external, but also internal changes favorite. They believe that a young mother has become even more attractive and literally glows with happiness and love. Users of social network left in the comments to the post idol dozens of messages with words of admiration in her address.

“So warm!”, “Deep… Eyes, eyes – magical! Light, you all magic”, “What is beautiful”, “Delicate”, “Light, stunning rare to see an undistorted plastic face”, “You radiate the most beautiful out! In this world! Inside your whole life, the whole universe… It’s mesmerizing. Don’t know you, but I feel that this small world that are not yet born, you have made a very different – more wise and internally complete,” wrote fans.

Recall that Svetikova already has a son from the civil wife of Alexei Polishchuk. The pair met at the ice show Ilya Averbukh. The brunette confessed that does not hurry to put a stamp in the passport, because it solves nothing. Publications of the actress shows what harmony exists in her family and within herself. In addition, the singer have already told how important to her the love and support of the chosen one. Many difficulties in life, beauty has been able to overcome thanks to him.