Chekalova and Parfenov celebrate a pearl wedding in London

Чекалова и Парфенов празднуют жемчужную свадьбу в Лондоне Star wife celebrate the event for two days. Renowned restaurateur and journalist happily married for thirty years. Drinks for wedding table Elena Chekalova and Leonid Parfenov was chosen in one of the wine boutiques of the capital of the UK, which is owned by Yevgeny Chichvarkin.

      Чекалова и Парфенов празднуют жемчужную свадьбу в Лондоне

      Well-known journalist Leonid Parfenov and his wife, restaurateur and popular blogger Elena Chekalova these days are in London. Here are a couple intends to celebrate a wonderful and reputable the date – thirty years since the establishment of their wonderful family.

      Speaking on Twitter about his feelings on the eve of pearl wedding Elena Chekalova admitted that her life with Leonid Parfenov was not straightforward. “In the night of 4 5 November 30 years ago I barely slept – I thought how and what will happen next. Further, we do many things unexpected. And the farther, the bigger and weirder. And so for 30 years. Met in spring and were married 6 Nov 1986. Wedding modest and tasty – home. Wedding trip to Georgia unforgettable. Yes, it’s almost love at first sight. But rather the first word. Nothing particularly bright. Who would say that to be the case, maybe I would have run away that night, would look simpler. But stayed together. What amassed? Well, our growing family…our Main value. The sixth drink and celebrate all day and then sailing to new adventures. We’re the restless” – shared Elena Chekalova memories and plans for the future.

      Чекалова и Парфенов празднуют жемчужную свадьбу в Лондоне

      However, to celebrate the birthday of the family spouses began the day before, having gone to London to shop our compatriot, well-known businessman Yevgeny Chichvarkin. “The festive day began with hedonism, in the best London wine boutique Evgeny Chichvarkin’s Hedonism Wines,” commented Elena Chekalova images, in company with the former Russian.

      Чекалова и Парфенов празднуют жемчужную свадьбу в Лондоне

      Learning about a great family festival, members of Elena Chekalova hastened to Express words of admiration.

      “Lena, you are beautiful! For me you are ideal. I love your family. Long life and prosperity to all of you!”, “To have 30 and 30! You are wonderful!”, “What are you both wonderful! Great happiness to build these relationships, create a family and be good professionals. Thank you, Elena, for openness, for your amazing smile. Just be happier and happier”, I wish Chekalova and Parfenov fans.

      By the way, shortly before pearl wedding Elena Chekalova and Leonid Parfenov took into his family a new man. The girlfriend married the son of a famous couple, Ivan Parfenov. Wedding played twice – first by secular traditions, and then another, and Jewish. Son of Leonid Parfyonov and Elena Chekalova played second wedding