Kostya Tszyu was born the fifth child

У Кости Цзю родился пятый ребенок A famous athlete once again became a father. The second wife of Kostya Tszyu Tatyana Averina gave him a daughter. Newborn baby girl her parents named Victoria. The girl became the second child in the new family boxer.

      Well-known Russian and Australian boxer Kostya Tszyu and his wife Tatiana Averin for the second time become parents. The young wife of a famous athlete gave birth to a girl on November 6. The baby was born in one of capital clinics. A young mother and newborn feel good. We already know that your charming daughter parents named Victoria.

      Note that for 47-year-old Kostya Tszyu just born heir became the fifth child. From the first marriage of boxer sons 21-year-old Timothy, 17-year-old Nikita and 14-year-old daughter Anastasia. All three live with their mother, ex-wife Kostya Tszyu Natalia in Australia.

      In the second marriage the Bones had a son, Alexander, at the beginning of next year the boy is turning two years old. And now the athlete has a daughter Victoria.

      In a recent interview with one of the channels Kostya Tszyu admitted that enjoying every minute of their late father. After all, when was growing up his older children, Costa pursued a career, and now tries much time to devote to the family. He changes diapers, Sasha, cook porridge and feed from the spoon. “Enjoy the fact that I’m a dad,” admits Peter. And yet the champion had to work to provide for his young wife and two small children reliable back. My previous wife, who bore him three children, Kostya Tszyu has left quite a gentleman. He left them everything he had, and started a new life in Moscow with Tatiana Averina with a clean slate.

      “I left the children all earned during his career – says Kostya Tszyu. – Fully secured their financial. Myself didn’t get”.

      Recall that the wife of athlete Tatyana Averina for a child, it became known just a couple of weeks before the advent of girls into the light. Kostya Tszyu waiting for the addition to the family

      The couple attended a concert of the Anita Tsoy, where the audience and noticed that Tatiana is in an interesting position and at a fairly decent time. All this was really sensational, because earlier, the boxer is not even hinted at the fact that he and his wife were again ready to become parents.